giant pen fairy can be seen by Wei Xiaobei.

However, just as the curse took effect, a green light rose from the Qi Si Jade Girl waistband hanging around Wei Xiaobei’s neck. It was like sunlight dispersing the fog, and in an instant, all the fog wrapped around his soul was gone. disperse.
Facing the giant pen fairy’s curse attack, this Qisi Jade Girl’s waist card is still effective!
After discovering this, Wei Xiaobei breathed a sigh of relief.
To be honest, Wei Xiaobei was really worried about whether the waist card could withstand stronger curse attacks. He was even prepared that if the curse could not be dispelled, he would directly enter the Aoki Blessed Land!
But now it seems that there is no need to enter the Aoki Paradise for the time being.
Obviously, for Wei Xiaobei to be able to dispel his own curse, the body of the giant pen fairy that was slowly floating towards him could not help but pause in the air. This action proved that it was very surprised. Although the pen fairy may not have the emotion of surprise, it probably meant That’s it.
The curse was dispelled, causing the giant pen fairy to give up the intention of continuing the curse. This could be easily seen, because the giant pen fairy rushed directly towards Wei Xiaobei. Although the speed was not very fast, it was not as fast as the previous one. The speed is several times faster!
Wei Xiaobei could clearly see the giant pen fairy at this time. Its body had transformed from an illusory green state into a substantial state, and it was stabbing Wei Xiaobei like a real brush.
The countless bristles suddenly exploded like countless spikes!
You can imagine what the result would be if Wei Xiaobei was hit by this burr.
I’m afraid there will be thousands of needle holes all over the body!
For an ordinary gray realm practitioner, facing the giant pen fairy’s volley attack, I’m afraid it would be really troublesome.
But seeing the giant pen fairy charging towards him like this, Wei Xiaobei started to smile.
If the giant pen fairy still releases the curse, Wei Xiaobei is really worried.
/After all, although the Qisi Jade Girl waistband can resist dispelling the curse, if the power in it is exhausted, it will not take a while to recover.
But now, the giant pen fairy doesn’t know what he thinks, and he actually starts a hand-to-hand fight!
This is exactly what central defender Xiaobei wants!
Without any hesitation, Wei Xiaobei kicked off the ground with his legs, swung upwards, swung the big gun in his left hand, and then swept away the countless sharp brush hairs. The giant pen fairy didn’t even have time to react, and the big ink gun came out. It hit the root of the pen hair and penetrated along the empty tube.
A soft sound was heard, and the reaction of the giant pen fairy was to rise into the air with all his strength. After throwing away the ink gun, hundreds of brush hairs fell down, and the brilliance of the giant pen fairy once again dissipate.
Logically speaking, the most important part of the brush should be the bristles. Eve