hat all the Yaksha ghosts have lost their breath at this time?

However, it can also be seen from this that the scream of the resentful spirit of this human-faced tree should be an indiscriminate range attack.
Those Yaksha ghosts were just too unlucky to be too close to the human-faced tree.
/Because Human Face Tree was aware of the probing at the soul level, he felt frightened and angry. He didn’t care about his subordinates at all, and directly released his ultimate move.
As a result, those Yaksha ghosts couldn’t even survive three breaths before being killed by the screams of the resentful spirits.
It has to be said that once the strength of these ghosts reaches a certain level, their abilities are so weird and powerful that even Wei Xiaobei is impressed.
Wei Xiaobei, who finally escaped the screams of the resentful spirit, felt frightened and angry. He kicked his legs in the air and rushed straight towards the human-faced tree. He grabbed it with his right hand and a white long sword appeared. In hand!
Sword of Seraph!
Time has passed since the last time he killed the flaming giant with one sword in order to prove himself in the World Tree Ash Realm, and the positive energy in the Seraph Sword has been completely restored!
And one of the weaknesses of this human-faced tree is its positive energy!
Although Wei Xiaobei couldn’t take out the big ink gun, the Seraph Sword should be enough to deal with this human-faced tree.
Obviously, the vigilance of the human-faced tree is also quite high.
When Wei Xiaobei took out the Seraph Sword, all the women’s faces on the human-faced tree had a look of fear. The next moment, the closed eyes on all the women’s faces began to slowly open!
Feeling the approaching danger again, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but curse in his heart.
This human-faced tree really has a lot of special abilities. If one move fails, he will try another one, and the threat to himself is not small!
However, due to the distance, if Wei Xiaobei wanted to use the Seraph Sword in his hand, he had to get closer to the Human Face Tree.
The eyes of the woman’s face in the human-faced tree opened, and Wei Xiaobei hurriedly dodged!
But no matter how fast Wei Xiaobei was, he couldn’t move faster than someone’s eyes.
No matter how Wei Xiaobei dodges, those more than a thousand pairs of eyes are fixed on Wei Xiaobei.
No matter it, rush!
Wei Xiaobei’s whole body was covered with real mercury and entangled with electricity. He stopped dodging and rushed forward. When he reached a sufficient distance, the Seraph Sword in his hand struck the tree with a human face from a distance!
A layer of white light immediately appeared on the Seraph Sword. The next moment, the white light formed a beam of light and swept towards the human-faced tree!
Wei Xiaobei could see the trace of panic on the face of the woman with the human-faced tree rapidly growing, to the point where the human-faced tree even made a move to dodge.
But compared to the speed of the light beam, the speed of the human-faced tree w