human strength is limited. In their opinion, no matter how powerful they are, they cannot kill all the ghosts!

Of course, I am also worried that if this human being kills so many ghosts, he may inspire the cruelty of those ghosts, and then launch a fierce attack on the high-rise buildings!
Therefore, the situation in their hearts seemed extremely complicated at this time.
As time passed, more and more humans emerged from the upper floors to watch the battle on the ground.
To be honest, Wei Xiaobei was a little tired of killing these ghosts.
The number of these ghosts is really too much. Just a few streets around him are already crowded with ghosts. I am afraid that 80% of the ghosts in this port city have been attracted to him.
It’s almost time!
Thinking of this, Wei Xiaobei immediately took out a signal mine from the storage ring, gently pulled off the cover, pulled the fuse, and then threw it high into the sky.
To say that this signal mine was handed over by the humans at Daimyo Castle, it was originally a model from decades ago.
/Compared with the current signal guns and the like, it is naturally a little inconvenient, but due to its size, after the signal mine explodes in the sky, the white light ball that rushes out can even be seen by people within a radius of fifty kilometers.
Seeing Wei Xiaobei launching the signal mine, the Snow Girl and Needle Girl, who had already rushed to both ends of the port city, began to release their aura, driving away the ghosts and monsters around them, towards Wei Xiaobei.
The priests further away, after seeing the light emitted by the signal mine, accelerated their progress and moved closer to the port city.
What happened next was relatively smooth.
As most of the ghosts were killed by Wei Xiaobei, the humans hiding in the high-rise buildings also began to hang ropes and come down from upstairs to participate in the pursuit of the ghosts.
Of course, there are always only a few humans who dare to come down and participate in the battle.
/The real comprehensive clean-up of the port city was after the priests arrived, and the accompanying five to six hundred people were dispatched to carry out a comprehensive clean-up of the port city.
Even the ghosts hiding in the sewers were all uncovered and killed.
“Sir, their leader wants to meet with you.”
Wei Xiaobei was busy sending the corpses of the ghosts to the Aoki Blessed Land when he saw Takeda Ueno coming over to report to him.
“You just need to deal with these things.”
Wei Xiaobei had no intention of showing up. In fact, in the future, Wei Xiaobei would not show up in a series of transactions after such actions.
In any case, Wei Xiaobei is Chinese, so pretending to be Japanese is not a big problem, but Wei Xiaobei disdains it.
As for promoting the belief in the Sun God and letting Japanese people come forward, the effect will undoubtedly be much better than our own.
After receiving Wei Xiaobei’s order, Takeda Kamiya was slightly vomiting blood, but he had to turn around and carry out the order.
The reason for