. In Wei Xiaobei’s view, the Angel Legion was probably just a small part of the Seraphim side.

No one knows when the angel army will regroup and attack again.
Of course, after Seraphim is trapped here, the Angel Legion will probably not call for the time being. Besides, this World Tree does not belong to Wei Xiaobei. If he handles the matter earlier, what happens next will not be what he wants. It can be managed.
“Thank you for your help, sir. I wonder why you are here?”
As the angel army retreated, the monsters present also began to leave the battlefield and return to their own territory.
The giants began to move towards the land of ashes outside the World Tree. Giant wolves, giant pythons and other monsters returned to their hunting grounds. As for the heroic warriors, they headed towards the trunk of the tree.
At least at this time, their previous disputes and conflicts should probably be temporarily suspended.
However, the leaders of these monsters did not leave and followed Valkyrie.
At this time, Valkyrie came to Wei Xiaobei, looked at Wei Xiaobei with somewhat complicated eyes and asked.
Obviously, although Wei Xiaobei played a great role in World Tree’s victory over the Angel Legion, Wei Xiaobei’s identity and origin were still a mystery, so World Tree had to guard against Wei Xiaobei.
“I came here to find something.”
Wei Xiaobei’s eyes swept over the monsters behind Valkyrie, as if he didn’t want to tell what he was looking for.
“What? Maybe I can help?”
The Valkyrie did not dare to say anything. After all, if you think about it with your butt, you would know that what a strong man like Wei Xiaobei needs would not be ordinary. If the other party wants something like the Fountain of Youth Water Altar, he must Do you want to help find it too?
Just think about it and you know it’s impossible.
Although Valkyrie still has a broken altar of the fountain of youth in her hand, this spring of youth is not even enough for the needs of the heroic warriors. How could she give such a thing to Wei Xiaobei! ?
/It’s like a person who is about to starve to death and still gives away the steamed buns in his hand to others. It takes a lot of brainpower to do this.
“Let them all disperse.”
Wei Xiaobei pointed at the monster leaders and waved in a circle.
Valkyrie also wanted to send this unidentified guy away as soon as possible, so she agreed to Wei Xiaobei’s wishes and let all the monster leaders leave.
However, the monster leaders were probably worried that the Valkyrie would accidentally sell off their own interests, so after leaving a certain distance, they did not leave anymore. They squatted there, waiting for the negotiation to end.
In the following conversation, Wei Xiaobei learned the name of this Valkyrie.
Well, Wei Xiaobei remembered that in Norse mythology, the name of the Valkyrie who recruits heroic spirits on the battlefield is Brynhild.
/But there’s not just one Valkyrie.
In any case, Brynhildr, the Valkyrie, also knew Wei Xiaobei’s name.
Regarding Wei Xiaobei’s suggestion o