eady above the quagmire.

The current quagmire has naturally expanded in area, and Guochang Daranming’s body is still covered with a layer of mutant ivy vines and leaves.
Well, even Wei Xiaobei has to admit that Chang Daran’s life in this country is indeed a bit bitter.
During this period of time, the giant tree, the main body of Guochang Daran Ming, had shrunk by more than 30%.
The mutated ivy extracts the power from Guochang Daran’s body all the time.
What surprised Wei Xiaobei was that the mutant ivy now had some changes from before.
The pale golden juice flowing in its vines is thicker in color, which means that the mutant ivy has accelerated the transformation of the divinity in Guochang Daran’s body.
/The most prominent change was that a layer of black and white smoke was faintly covering its branches and leaves, which gave off a cursed aura that disgusted Wei Xiaobei.
Well, is this a change caused by the extraction of giant disc immortals?
Wei Xiaobei took a closer look and saw that the giant dish fairy shrouded in mutant ivy vines had completely lost its life breath.
Its originally smooth body was covered with dense cracks.
From this point of view alone, the giant dish fairy is indeed doomed.
But those mutated creepers seemed unwilling to let go of the giant dish fairy, and those densely packed spikes were still piercing into its cracks, threatening to drain away the last remaining strength of it.
/If this trend continues, within a few days, the corpse of this giant dish fairy will probably turn into powder and blend into the mire, disappearing without a trace.
The fate of Guochang Daran is probably the same.
However, the demise of the giant dish fairy made Wei Xiaobei a little regretful.
With the death of the Giant Disc Immortal, there is no source of replenishment for the ink power of the Sun God Gun.
This power of ink and its strange effects were more of a research object for Wei Xiaobei than a combat technique.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei will not be depressed because there is no supplementary source for the power of ink and wash.
You must know that Wei Xiaobei’s research on the power of ink and wash has entered the formal stage. In the next research, even if the power of ink and wash is completely consumed, the impact on the research will not be too great.
The Scarlet Turtle Demon King, who was held in Wei Xiaobei’s hand, looked at the mutated ivy below, then trembled with fright, and tightly grasped Wei Xiaobei’s thumb with his two front feet.
Obviously, the Xuan Turtle Demon King saw the terrifying nature of these mutant ivy, and was afraid that one of them would accidentally fall.
After walking around the Qingmu Paradise and visiting the human gathering place to visit his parents, wife, and younger brothers and sisters, Wei Xiaobei returned to the World Tree.
Generally speaking, there are no major problems in Aoki Blessed Land.
The only problem is that many people in the gathering place complain that the items brought in from reality decay very quickly here.
For example, iron plows ma