ds, with a kind of intimidating majesty that makes ordinary people unable to even think of resisting when faced with gods. Even if Xu Ying practiced Taiyi Guiding Kung since childhood, he could only tremble when facing the green-robed gods.

Moreover, their godfather and grandfather taught them since childhood that people should not fight with officials or gods. Snake catchers risk their lives to catch venomous snakes in order to survive. To fight against officials and gods is to seek death!
Jiang Lu wanted to get up, but couldn’t.
The green-robed god yelled and scolded: “Where is your other daughter? Hand it over, and I will have a wedding with her today! Don’t be disrespectful!”
/Suddenly, the member of the Jiangjiatian family laughed and said: “Master Shen Shen doesn’t know something. I know that I have fallen in love with the girl from Jiang Lu’s family, so I spent money to buy it and plan to give it to Master Shen today. Someone, give me the bride.” Please come here!”
The green-robed spirit was elated and said with a smile, “Jiang is still a sensible person.”
He turned to look at the other villagers and sneered: “You don’t even have any offerings, but you still want my blessing? Today, those of you who don’t have any offerings, your farmland only receives three fingers of rainfall a year. Those who don’t even have any incense, not even a single drop.” There is no water, you bastards deserve to die of thirst! And you too!”
The green-robed god pointed at Jiang Lu and shouted: “Originally I planned to make you my father-in-law and give you some benefits! Now your daughter is a sacrifice given to me by Jiang Yuanwai, and it has nothing to do with you! You are empty-handed and have no sacrifice for me this year. Your fields don’t get a single drop of precipitation!”
Jiang Lu sat blankly under the wall, looking haggard and without any color on his face.
If there is no rainfall in the fields, the crops will not be harvested.
“How can I survive?” He was despairing.
The green-robed god laughed loudly, hugged the bride, and said with a smile: “It’s better to choose a day than to hit the sun. Let’s get married today instead of waiting until night!”
/Jiang Yuanwai quickly apologized and said with a smile: “Now is an auspicious day!”
Xu Ying turned around silently and followed the people outside the ancestral hall. He had never seen such a thing as a marriage between gods, but he had heard of it.
Other villages and towns also worshiped gods. Some villagers could not survive, so they offered their daughters to the gods as wives. He heard that Uncle Shui of Xiaoshui even married more than a hundred women, all of whom were dedicated to this god from nearby villages and towns.
Jiang Lu stood up tremblingly. Xu Ying saw this and walked over, intending to help him.
Jiang Lu had a good relationship with him. When Xu Ying was a child, he was rescued from a fire by his grandfather and came to Jiang’s field. Jiang Lu also gave him a cornbread, and his grandfather asked Xu Ying to call him Uncle.
Xu Ying remembers this