ing technique is created by the master’s observation of the seventy-two transformations of Earth Evil, the Pot Heaven Technique, and the Dharma Appearance Heaven and Earth Technique. If you want It’s not impossible to learn, but you must first learn the art of dharma, heaven and earth.”

Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but be overjoyed when he heard this, and became even more diligent in adding meat balls to the green beef.
Of course, this green cow also boasted a little bit.
Although this shrinking technique is the result of Qingniu’s observation of the Hutian technique, it is only superficial.
You know, if you practice the Hutian technique to great perfection, you can turn mountains into sand and turn sand into mountains with ease. If you practice it to the extreme, you can even turn a grain of sand into a miniature world, and turn a miniature world into a miniature world. For the gravel!
Speaking of this technique, it can be said to be the pinnacle of space techniques.
Qing Niu’s shrinking technique can only be learned after learning the law of heaven and earth, and it can only shrink objects. In this regard, it is indeed far behind the pot sky technique.
Of course, the Seventy-two Transformations of Earthly Evil is not an easy spell to learn. Thinking about Monkeyhead, the great sage Monkey King, he is naturally smart. After learning the Seventy-two Transformations of Earthly Evil, he can only master a few techniques.
But having said that, even so, if he could learn this shrinking technique, Wei Xiaobei felt that it would be much easier for him to do things by himself in the future.
“Please master, teach me.”
So when Qing Niu had eaten and drank enough, Wei Xiaobei hurriedly asked for advice.
Probably Qing Niu rarely met a studious apprentice, so he didn’t find any reason to refuse. Instead, he took out a futon and sat under the World Tree, and began to talk: “This Dharma Appearance Heaven and Earth was originally a bloodline art. It is common. All beasts in the wild, such as Qilin, Phoenix, Xiangliu, etc., are all proficient in this technique. Of course, the same is true for the Shishi clan. Later, this technique was improved by Lingbao Tianzun and given to his disciples, and then spread.”
The Qing Niu first told a story about the origin of the Dharma Realm of Heaven and Earth. Wei Xiaobei listened with great interest to these ancient secrets.
The Lingbao Tianzun mentioned here is the founder of Sanqing in Taoism.
What is the Patriarch of the Sanqing Dynasty?
The Yuanshi Heaven of the Yuqing Dynasty respects the Taoist Lord Xuhuang, the Heavenly Lord of the Supreme Purity Lingbao respects the Taoist Yuchen, and the Heavenly Heaven of the Taiqing Dynasty respects the Taoist Taishang Laojun!
/These three are the incarnations of Taoist ancestors, and their status is indescribable.
This green ox is the mount of Taishang Laojun, the Taiqing Moral Heavenly Lord, so it is not surprising that he knows a lot about these ancient secrets.
In Taoist scriptures, Yuanshi Tianzun symbolizes the mysterious state of