a bit unreasonable. It is a bit ridiculous to say that a god cannot take action in his own country.

In an instant, thousands of thoughts went through Wei Xiaobei’s mind, but in the end, Wei Xiaobei was certain that Amaterasu was indeed unable to take action at this time!
After eliminating all possibilities, the answer that remains in the end, even if it is extremely incredible, is the real answer!
Besides, this is the fact!
While the Golden Crow clones were constantly cleaning the divine ghosts raised by Amaterasu, Amaterasu did not take action.
It’s like a wild boar rushed into a crop field and destroyed crops everywhere, but the farmer just watched and didn’t take action. Then the farmer was probably sick, or maybe he was exhausted.
As soon as he thought about this, what Wei Xiaobei couldn’t figure out before suddenly became coherent.
Speaking of which, Amaterasu God should indeed be unable to take action.
The reason is simple. Before and after, how many Amaterasu clones had Wei Xiaobei killed?
Generally speaking, the loss of a god’s clone does not have a great impact on the god, and it is not a serious injury.
But every clone needs a ray of divinity and a ray of consciousness from Amaterasu to support it!
And the divinity and consciousness required by the seventy-one clones are not a small number when added together.
/This is like cutting off a part of Amaterasu’s consciousness!
Although this was something Amaterasu did himself, when the clone died and the consciousness contained in it was purified by Wei Xiaobei, it was equivalent to Amaterasu losing this part of his consciousness permanently!
What is consciousness?
From a certain perspective, it is the soul, or a part of the soul, an aspect of the soul.
Wei Xiaobei is not sure what will happen if the consciousness at the divine level is lost, but he does know that if an ordinary human’s consciousness is damaged, the only thing that will happen is that he will become an idiot, or some behaviors will be restricted, etc. etc.
A normal human being must have complete consciousness.
It can also be deduced from this that after losing so much consciousness, even if Amaterasu is a god, I am afraid that the damage he will suffer will not be small.
In this case, haha, Wei Xiaobei looked at the land on the top of Gao Tianyuan, but because the top land was a complete piece of land, Wei Xiaobei’s eyes could not penetrate it, and he could not see the movement above at all.
However, after the Golden Crow clones have destroyed this giant village, they can calmly enter the top floor.
Of course, even so, Wei Xiaobei did not relax his vigilance.
After all, this is all just my guess.
Maybe Amaterasu has really changed his character, is holding back, and waits until he relaxes to launch a fatal blow?
But if you want to face off against Amaterasu, with your current strength, there seems to be some shortcomings?
Wei Xiaobei looked at his attribute panel and saw that his evolution points had risen to over 1.8 million!
In other words, in just ten minutes, th