hot out from the space channel, and in an instant, Guochang Daran was caught off guard.

This arrow was extremely vicious, hitting the face directly, and then exploded. In an instant, Guochang Daranming’s face was blown into a mess. Not only the nose was blown off, but also one of his eyes was blown off.
After receiving such a surprise attack, Guochang Daran could no longer hold back the anger in his heart. At this time, let alone a space passage, even if it was a real trap, Guochang Daran would still have to get into it. .
To say that this space channel is actually not suitable for Guochang Daranming’s body shape, it is only more than two meters in diameter, and Guodian Daranming is more than thirty meters tall, and his shoulders are also ten meters wide.
However, Guochang Daranming, who was in a rage, could not care about this. He stretched out his hands and pulled on the entrance of the space passage. Then his muscles bulged, and green light flashed all over his body, which was continuously injected into the space passage, making the space passage It started to expand little by little.
/Wei Xiaobei, who had returned to Qingmu Paradise at this time, did not stop. From time to time he shot an arrow, but it only hit the chest of Chang Daran and other secondary vital locations.
If several consecutive arrows hit his head and other vital parts, I am afraid that Guochang Daran would not be willing to enter the space channel.
If any being’s vitals are continuously injured, I am afraid that it will not take the risk to enter an unknown place.
But if you are like Wei Xiaobei, who continuously attacks some minor parts, causing you pain but hardly serious injury, it will undoubtedly arouse Guochang Daran’s anger even higher.
By this time, Guochang Daranming no longer cared about the arrows shot by Wei Xiaobei.
After all, Wei Xiaobei discovered that the unique sharp effect of the dragon’s arrow was not very harmful to Guochang Daran’s life, and the anesthetic effect of the concentrated anesthetic juice did not seem to have any effect on Guochang Daran’s life.
In this way, Wei Xiaobei did not waste any more dragon arrows and simply replaced them with alloy arrows.
/This alloy arrow is extremely simple to refine, so there are tens of thousands of them stored in Wei Xiaobei’s storage ring. No matter how Wei Xiaobei uses them, it is impossible to use them all in a short time.
And after this alloy arrow is shot through the Sun God Bow, it naturally has a tearing and explosive effect. When it is shot on Guochang Daranming, the effect is actually not much weaker than the dragon’s arrow.
After all, the most powerful thing about this country is recovery, not defense.
Of course, just as Wei Xiaobei thought, Guochang Daranming’s anger had been aroused to the point where it almost reached the sky. At this time, he was desperately pulling at the space passage and squeezing his body into the space passage.
Anyway, after the arrow hits the body and explodes, whether it blasts a big hole or makes the body bloody and bloody, for a