ame time, which was enough to make it furious.

The drunken Yamata no Orochi hissed in pain, and the remaining four heads were pointed at Wei Xiaobei in the distance, but they were a little shaken.
This is also a very helpless thing for Yamata no Orochi. Its weakness is alcohol, and after swallowing more than 30,000 kilograms of alcohol, none of its heads can remain awake enough.
Coupled with the rapid spread of the dragon’s anesthetic liquid, Yamata no Orochi felt very uncomfortable. Even if it sprayed out a string of fireballs, they would fly crookedly and burst into flames everywhere.
At the same time, the Yamata no Orochi’s body no longer formed a snake formation, but began to swim quickly towards the huge volcano.
Take advantage of the enemy’s illness and kill him!
Wei Xiaobei was not the kind of guy with a soft heart. When he saw the Yamata-no Orochi trying to escape back to the huge volcano, he knew that the Yamata-no Orochi wanted to use the power of the volcano to get rid of the alcohol.
Indeed, if the Yamata no Orochi were allowed to escape back to the huge volcano, Wei Xiaobei’s plan to keep him would be completely wiped out.
And although the wine has a miraculous effect on Yamata no Orochi, no matter how good the wine is, it can’t withstand the lava!
Three more dragon arrows hit the bowstring. This time Wei Xiaobei pulled the bowstring to three-quarters of the way before letting go!
Even greater power was poured into the dragon’s arrows, making the dragon’s arrows reach extremely fast speeds!
Although the Yamata no Orochi dodged the incoming dragon arrows, it even continued to spray fireballs to block the progress of the dragon arrows, and even tried to miss the dragon arrows!
But the dragon’s arrow still shot into the head of the Yamata no Orochi with great accuracy!
After Yamata no Orochi got drunk and lost most of his combat power, the strength gap between the two sides has reached a cliff-like rise and fall.
/It can be said that the Yamata no Orochi was still able to barely resist Wei Xiaobei before, but at this time, as its drunkenness and combat strength declined, and as its head continued to be severely damaged, the Yamata no Orochi was no longer strong enough to resist Wei Xiaobei. s attack!
Masters compete with each other, winning or losing instantly!
This sentence can also be applied to the current battle between Wei Xiaobei and Yamata no Orochi.
/Yamata no Orochi, who could only rely on his own body to fight, was much weaker than Wei Xiaobei who was holding the Sun God Bow!
As the three dragon arrows exploded in the head of Yamata no Orochi, only two heads of Yamata no Orochi were intact at this time.
The strength of the Yamata no Orochi is also linked to its head. The fewer its intact heads, the more its strength will decline.
At this moment, the Yamata-no-Orochi finally let out a cry for help!
Suddenly, a Yamata-no-Orochi snake rushed out with lava from the huge volcano.
This is the Yamata no Orochi that almost died at the hands of Wa Jianming.
Compared with the tra