om the sky. Hundreds of dazzling meteors poured down, rushing towards the snow girls on the ground who had missed their target and looked a little dazed.

But this strange sound did not last long. Before the meteor hit the ground, the dazzling light dissipated, revealing the naked clones inside.
Due to the size of the external objects they were placed on, these clones were actually larger than the previous clones, reaching a height of 1.56 meters.
Although he looks much shorter than Wei Xiaobei, he looks much more ferocious in appearance.
There was only cold murderous intent in their eyes, and their speed did not slow down at all. After specific weapons appeared in their right hands, they continued to rush towards the snow girls.
By this time, those snow girls, even if they were fools, understood that they were attacking enemies.
The blizzard that had not completely subsided suddenly surged again, rolling up countless amounts of ice and snow, and rushed towards the fallen cannon fodder clone.
Compared to Wei Xiaobei’s main body, the strength of these cannon fodder clones is inferior to the boss. The strongest one is the three-star terrifying peak, which is close to the four-star ordinary level.
/When they rushed into the blizzard, a layer of transparent ice condensed on their naked bodies, and quickly thickened. Within a few breaths, these cannon fodder clones were wrapped into heavy ice sculptures, and finally fell to the ground. It makes a crisp crackling sound.
When seeing this scene, Wei Xiaobei frowned slightly.
The appearance of these snow girls just allowed him to test the specific combat power of his clones.
After all, no matter how fierce the battle between clones is, the effect can’t be seen compared to fighting against foreign enemies.
But the gap between the strength of the cannon fodder clone and the strength of the snow girl is really big.
From his previous contact with these snow maidens, Wei Xiaobei had concluded that the ability of these snow maidens to create low temperatures was extremely terrifying!
They can create temperatures as low as minus 210 degrees! In fact, those crystal snowflakes in the blizzard they rolled up are the result of the nitrogen in the air liquefying and solidifying under extremely low temperatures!
Therefore, the moment they came into contact with the blizzard, these three-star terrifying level cannon fodder clones were directly frozen into ice sculptures.
It has to be said that the ultra-low temperature created by these snow girls completely restrained these cannon fodder clones.
The snow girls couldn’t wait to rush forward, trying to grab the flesh and blood of those clones and feast on them.
But they were disappointed. When the clones were destroyed, their bodies immediately returned to the essence of weapons, which were completely inedible metal fragments.
The snow girls who couldn’t find food couldn’t help but roar angrily at Wei Xiaobei in the sky. Their roars caused the blizzard to rush to an altitude of more than 500 meters.
/But Wei Xiaobei’s reacti