That was not due to Chu Weiyang’s dismantling, but to the memory of his soul. When the divine form was split apart, it was so messy and haphazardly spliced ??together.

This person has long lost his mind, and even his memory itself is fundamentally insane.
It’s just that among such chaotic splicing, there are some splicings that are similar to coincidence. For example, in the last moment, a kitchen knife was cutting the meat on the board, and in the next moment, there was a pot full of delicacies cooking.
In the logic of thought, these two pictures can be connected with each other, but for the mind and memory, this means serious defects. Among them, preparing ingredients, making fire and cooking pots, all natural processes have been ignored, even the original initial The “meat” at the beginning does not necessarily correspond to the “delicious food” at the end.
It is just a logical and logical illusion brought to oneself and others during the splicing process.
And Chu Weiyang is originally a “grandmaster” level existence in the field of dismantling and reorganizing soul memories.
He has done many similar things and is very successful and experienced.
Therefore, at this moment, Chu Weiyang was able to clearly determine that all his memories were fundamentally chaotic, but there were many coincidences in this chaos. These coincidences made some of his mental memories completely contradictory. The way is presented as false smoothness.
And it is precisely because of the false smoothness of these real memories that people think they are human, they think they are sane, and they think they have returned to the truth.
“A big dream is in vain, nothing more than that”
Chu Weiyang sighed softly, and Chun Yuzhi, who was attracted by such a magical sight, also appeared. Such a messy and weird divine form made it difficult for Chu Weiyang to do anything anymore. Tracing back to the original appearance, Chunyu Zhishang originally thought of starting from the power of the cycle of death and life of the Phoenix Sky Fire, and using natural rotation to restore it to its original appearance.
/It’s a pity that now it seems that there is no chance at all.
Moreover, at this time, Chun Yuzhi also had his own views on the practice of Hunmeng Dharma.
“This is to regard ‘seeking truth through falsehood’ as the most noble principle of spiritual practice, but in fact it is a great fallacy! If there really is a path to becoming an immortal in a hundred days, how come we need to go through such setbacks? In this world, Monks have always had to explore the winding, difficult and dangerous road when the main road is blocked, and they have to euphemistically call it “shumo”.
But in fact, enlightenment has nothing to do with difficulty!
Moreover, even if you “borrow falsehoods” to seek truth in the end, you still need to practice various secret techniques to make up for the gaps in the foundation of Taoism caused by “borrowing falsehoods” in the past. However, some are easy to make up, and some are difficult to make up for. It’s difficul