ping attack. The only thing they could do was to run away desperately to avoid the dragon’s swooping attack. The terrifying dragon’s breath that was sprayed out after that, at best, it was just a counterattack with a spear after dodging the dragon’s breath.

But instead of running away, this little guy rushed towards him!
What’s happening here?
do not care!
The two sides quickly approached each other in the air, and in a blink of an eye, the distance was less than 300 meters.
At this time, the green dragon was experienced in fighting, so he didn’t think much about it. He opened his huge mouth, and a stream of green liquid suddenly poured out of his throat, and he spit it out towards Wei Xiaobei in an instant.
As soon as the green poisonous liquid left the green dragon’s huge mouth, it turned into a waterfall with countless branches, and fell headlong towards Wei Xiaobei. A green poisonous thick mist rose between the branches of the waterfall, which could be said to have swept Wei Xiaobei. All Xiaobei’s escape routes are blocked!
Faced with the poisonous dragon’s breath falling on the head, if you want to escape, the only option is to fall quickly. There may be a glimmer of hope, but even so, there will be more than 90% chance of being stuck by this poison. on, thereby causing rapid poisoning.
It can be said that in the eyes of the green dragon, he has a sure chance of victory. No matter how powerful the little guy below is, there is no way he can survive under his poisonous dragon breath!
But in the face of the overwhelming poisonous dragon’s breath, Wei Xiaobei Fei did not flinch. Instead, he accelerated his speed and rushed into the poisonous dragon’s breath!
Almost everyone who was paying attention to this battle had an idea in the dragon’s mind. This guy probably didn’t want to live anymore and was looking for death?
In fact, among the crowd watching the battle, there were also some British dignitaries who hurried to the rear of the defense line.
Huang Kun escorted Zhang Tianxiong quite quickly. He was worried that after he slowly escorted Zhang Tianxiong back, his master would rob all the enemies on the battlefield.
Therefore, Huang Kun did not waste too much time on the road. He directly grabbed Zhang Tianxiong, carried him on his shoulders, and ran all the way. He crossed the edge of the battlefield in less than ten minutes and sent Zhang Tianxiong to the rear of the defense line. A headquarters.
As the prime minister’s special envoy, Zhang Tianxiong naturally had relevant identity certificates on him. He quickly borrowed the headquarters’ phone number and contacted the anxious prime minister.
/To be honest, when the Prime Minister received the call from Zhang Tianxiong, he couldn’t believe his ears. Is this guy back? Did you bring reinforcements?
Didn’t the Elizabeth frigate just set off from Weijia Island?
Is this Zhang Tianxiong a liar?
/However, at this critical moment, no matter whether Zhang Tianxiong is a liar or something else, as long as he really comes back with reinforcements!
So the