When it comes to the practice of the “Taiyin Thunder Pond Dragon Marrow Refining Code”, it is at this moment that an unprecedented number of Taiyin Thunder Seal Scripts are densely revealed from the bones!
From Wuji to Liangyi, from Liangyi to Sancai, from Sancai to Four Symbols, from Four Symbols to Five Elements and Bagua, and from Five Elements and Bagua to the universe.
From disorder to order and back to disorder.
Finally, from the diverse phenomena of the universe, the various qi were extracted, and the sixty-four hexagrams were refined to respond to the mysteries of the universe!
This change itself was deeply imprinted on the Taiyin Thunder Seal by Chu Weiyang, and through the process of the Taiyin Thunder Seal melting into the blood marrow, the body’s bones were sorted out.
Of course, there is the last step, when the extremely numerous Taiyin Thunder Seal “explains” the meaning of the sixty-four hexagrams Thunder Talisman, wanders in the bone phase, and finally converges on the spine dragon.
It was born out of nothing, and evolved into a real dragon with form from the formless seal pattern!
As a result, as the dragon phase penetrated the thirty-two vertebrae Taiyin thunder pool, the faint shadow of the ring-headed sword flashed away in the thunder light.
One sword cuts across the world, and the cold light opens up the sky!
The aura of the treasure’s laminated dragon pattern was once again connected to the myriad phenomena of the universe as a result of the talisman formation.
/That is the power of a true dragon-like world-opening that even Huang Hua Zong Taozi would envy!
Everything that is reflected on the outside will eventually be reflected on the inside!
So, when all the Dharmas were connected into a line of cold light like a dragon, along with the vibration of the thirty-two lunar thunder pools, like the spine of a dragon stretching, the Sumeru power formed by the clash of thunder began to effectively widen that pool. This thunder pool deeply cultivates the origin of Chu Weiyang’s Taiyin Thunder Pool’s mana!
And as the origin of the Taiyin Thunder Pond was developed at this time, the power belonging to the Taoist result of the talisman formation and the connection with the thunder began to spread from the spine dragon, from the bones of the whole body, and towards the qi and blood.
It is the yin and yang, the force that harmonizes the balance of water and fire. It is the yin and yang of old and young, and it is the force that balances the harmony of the two Thunder Scriptures.
Gradually, a completely new blood is cultivated in the root marrow of the bone phase; the vast blood flames are entangled with Xuan Lei, as if pure elites are smelted, evenly nourished in the bone phase, and the roots are consolidated. marrow.
Tao and Dharma are truly connected at this moment.
This should have been a step that required holding one’s breath and concentration, but with the blessing of the power of vitality and creation, and the nourishment of the abundant power that is enough to teach monks in