this buffalo god was somewhat different.

It has been transformed into the form of the buffalo god.
According to Wei Xiaobei’s understanding of this divinity, this group of divinity is already at a very high level.
To put it simply, if this ball of divinity is not taken out by Wei Xiaobei, after a while, the Buffalo God may use this to officially become a god and reach the peak of immortality!
But now, as Wei Xiaobei took out his divinity, the buffalo god completely lost its power and was on the verge of death. It lay on the ground unable to move at all.
Seeing this scene, the other indigenous gods couldn’t help but feel chills in their hearts, but their eyes were greedily staring at the mass of divinity.
There is no doubt that the divinity of this bison is so tempting to them that it completely exceeds their bottom line in treating their own kind.
If possible, these indigenous gods would not mind snatching this ball of divinity and swallowing it!
If this can be done, these indigenous gods may be able to officially become gods!
Of course, swallowing the alien divinity in this way is also a great test for these indigenous gods.
Only the crocodile goddess, who was struck by the buffalo god, had red eyes, as if spitting out flames, and roared with great rage: “You actually killed him!”
Afterwards, the crocodile goddess frantically chased Wei Xiaobei with all her might.
Well, maybe the relationship between the crocodile goddess and the buffalo god is indeed somewhat unusual.
So after Wei Xiaobei knocked over the buffalo god and deprived her of her divinity, the crocodile goddess became furious as if someone had poked her anus.
However, without the restraint of other indigenous gods, it would not be easy for the crocodile goddess to catch up with Wei Xiaobei, especially with the big gun in Wei Xiaobei’s hand.
While the crocodile goddess was furious and without much defense, Wei Xiaobei suddenly responded with a carbine, pointing the big gun directly at the crocodile goddess’s chest!
Undoubtedly, killing one is killing, killing two is also killing!
Wei Xiaobei would not show mercy just because the other party was a crocodile goddess.
Besides, even if you want Wei Xiaobei to show mercy, please look better, right?
To put it bluntly, this crocodile goddess looks somewhat similar to humans, but her face is almost the same as a crocodile. Her cheeks are covered with scales, and her mouth protrudes, filled with sharp teeth. The eyes are narrow and long, and they look completely devoid of the beauty that humans should have. They are extremely terrifying and ferocious!
Well, if you are sympathetic to this crocodile goddess, then Wei Xiaobei’s taste is unknown!
To say that this crocodile goddess alone is not enough to fight against Wei Xiaobei.
/The big spear that Wei Xiaobei thrust out pierced the scales on his chest in an instant!
But at this time, those indigenous gods probably thought that if the Crocodile Goddess also fell, it would be more difficult for the remaining indigenous gods to fight against Wei