densely populated islands are also filled with various gray world creatures.

There are Garudas and Asuras among the eight tribes. These two are the most numerous. From time to time, large-scale battles will break out between them for a certain island. In addition, the existence of Garudas also affects the reproduction of those “dragons”. It had a certain impact.
As for the other eight tribes, they rarely appear. Perhaps due to their numbers, they are not willing to participate in this kind of battle.
In addition to the Eight Tribes, Wei Xiaobei could also see some so-called sons of gods from time to time.
Well, the so-called sons of gods are the descendants of those gods in Tianzhu myths and legends.
For example, the descendants of the Ganesha that Wei Xiaobei had met before.
And now, Wei Xiaobei also saw the descendants of other gods.
No, just as Wei Xiaobei was passing by a small island, a giant white bull with a size of more than thirty meters emerged from the island. Without asking, it ran towards Wei Xiaobei. .
Giant bull?
Wei Xiaobei immediately landed on the giant bull with the omniscient one.
The next moment, Wei Xiaobei knew the identity of this giant bull.
Descendants of the sacred cow Randy.
/Wei Xiaobei had done a lot of supplementary lessons on the Tianzhu mythology before, so when he saw the word “Randi, the sacred cow”, he thought of its related mythological records.
Speaking of the sacred cow Randy, we have to talk about one of the three main gods in Tianzhu mythology, Shiva!
The sacred cow Randy is Shiva’s mount.
To put it simply, Shiva is the god of destruction in Indian mythology, so all demons and ghosts are actually his subordinates.
It is said that the ten-headed demon kings who are famous in Tianzhu myths and legends are also his subordinates. Therefore, the war between the ten-headed demon kings, the monkey god, and humans is actually a war waged by the three main gods through their hands.
The Ganesha mentioned before is the son of Shiva, and the other son of Shiva is the God of War.
/In Buddhist scriptures, Shiva is the Great Isla, the Lord of the Three Thousand Realms!
In short, Shiva has almost the same status as the Three Pure Ones in Tianzhu myths and legends.
As for the situation of his mount, the divine bull Randy, just refer to the blue bull.
Of course, if the sacred cow Randy appears, Wei Xiaobei will be more cautious, but this is only a descendant of the sacred cow Randy, and at least three generations later.
Its strength is only four-star terrifying. Wei Xiaobei is worried that he can’t find anyone to ask about the situation around him. When this giant white bull rushes out, Wei Xiaobei will not let it go.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei’s strength has not yet fully recovered, so he did not take action himself, but gave a signal, and then a three-legged golden crow flew out from his shoulder.
When the three-legged golden crow flew over the giant white bull, its size suddenly expanded, and its three sharp claws grabbed the back of the giant white bull in an instant!