undred thousand heavenly soldiers and generals.

Wei Xiaobei frowned, and three-color rays of light bloomed in all directions. White clouds, sea water, and even the air all turned into clones of Wei Xiaobei under the three-color rays of light, moving towards the hundred thousand heavenly soldiers. Will kill him.
The seven-colored light shield protected the heavenly soldiers and generals, and then the sound of pipa continued to leak out of the light shield. All the clones of Wei Xiaobei who heard the sound of pipa were dizzy!
This dizzy feeling even eroded towards Wei Xiaobei along some indescribable path.
Of course, just like this, Wei Xiaobei would not be affected much.
But the Southern Heavenly King Mo Liqing threw the sword in his hand. Once the sword took off, it turned into dense flying swords and shot towards the outside of the light barrier, killing the dizzy Wei Xiaobei clones one by one. .
What made Wei Xiaobei cautious the most was the talisman flying out of his right hand!
There are four words printed on this talisman: Earth, Water, Fire and Wind!
Once activated, a gust of black wind blew up around it, and thousands of spears sprouted from it.
Then, another golden snake made of flames jumped out, and black smoke rose everywhere, covering all the clones Wei Xiaobei had summoned in an instant.
Thousands of swords and spears in the black wind were killing the clones, and any clone that came into contact with these spears would turn into powder in an instant.
And the flaming golden snake mixed with black smoke and rolled in. Wherever it passed, all the clones were burned to ashes.
/Really awesome!
However, Wei Xiaobei was not afraid of the Four Heavenly Kings. His whole body emitted a faint white light and he rushed towards the one hundred thousand heavenly soldiers and generals.
A loud noise came, and the colorful light shield formed by the seven-color treasure umbrella suddenly made a loud noise under the impact of Wei Xiaobei, and then the entire light shield shook, even the colorful light shield in the hands of the Northern Heavenly King Demon Lihong Bao Umbrella also started to tremble.
Mo Li’s red eyes couldn’t help but reveal a look of disbelief.
But before he could do anything, Wei Xiaobei bumped into the seven-colored light shield three times in a row. With the rumbling sound of the impact, he was shocked and knocked out the seven-colored light shield that seemed to be extremely solid. Big hole!
As the hole appeared, the seven-colored light shield collapsed on its own, and even the seven-colored umbrella couldn’t help but let out a cry, and its brilliance suddenly lost a lot.
“How dare you, you evildoer, to damage my precious umbrella!”
Seeing this scene, the magic gift was extremely painful. You must know that this umbrella is his most precious treasure!
There are twelve kinds of orbs inlaid on the umbrella!
Emerald, emerald seal, emerald green, luminous pearl, green dust pearl, green fire pearl, green water pearl, anti-cooling pearl, nine-curved pearl, calming beauty pearl, c