ort plane, it was so dense that no buildings could be seen clearly.

Even on the transport plane at an altitude of more than 8,000 meters, Wei Xiaobei could feel the rising Yin Qi. The two pilots even started to chatter with their teeth. This shows how strong the Yin Qi below was.
It can be said that the Yin Qi gathered by countless ghost corpses in Qingmu Paradise is not as pure as the Yin Qi here.
From this it can be seen that this is by no means a good place.
But even so, Wei Xiaobei still walked to the end of the lowered cabin door, turned around and waved to the two pilots who were seeing them off, then jumped up with the dragon scale pot and disappeared between the two pilots. In eyes.
Hiss, seeing this scene, the two pilots couldn’t help but take a breath of air.
For them, they jumped from an altitude of more than 8,000 meters without even bringing a parachute. If nothing else, their courage alone was enough to make them admire them.
Of course, after what happened before, they would not think that Wei Xiaobei had gone crazy and committed suicide by jumping from an altitude of 8,000 meters.
In their subconscious mind, strangers like Wei Xiaobei are basically omnipotent.
Let alone jumping from an altitude of eight thousand meters, even if Wei Xiaobei said that he was going to go sightseeing in the sun, they would believe him.
Well, Wei Xiaobei naturally ignored the thoughts of the two pilots. After jumping out of the transport plane, his body quickly fell to the ground with the roar of the wind.
With Wei Xiaobei’s ability, it is very simple to float in the air and slowly fall down.
/But Wei Xiaobei wanted to fall to the ground faster, so such a natural fall was still a bit slow. So at the next moment, Wei Xiaobei gathered all his strength into a line and fell downwards, a thousand-jin drop, and then the speed of his fall increased. Speeded up several times!
The time it takes to fall from an altitude of eight thousand meters to the ground is actually very short.
Especially after Wei Xiaobei took the initiative to apply the Thousand Jin Drop, his speed became even faster.
If you look at it from the side, you can clearly see that Wei Xiaobei is like a cannonball falling from the sky, constantly accelerating and diving down towards the ground.
Six thousand meters, five thousand meters, three thousand meters, one thousand meters, five hundred meters
At this moment, the earth in Wei Xiaobei’s eyes was like an extremely huge slab being smacked towards him rapidly!
With a slight movement in his heart, a strong wind blew around him, and Wei Xiaobei suddenly stopped more than three hundred meters in the air.
The huge inertia acted on Wei Xiaobei when he stopped instantly, causing Wei Xiaobei to snort slightly.
In fact, when an inertial impact force like this acts on the body, all the organs of most living creatures can be torn apart in an instant!
Only a being with an extremely strong body like Wei Xiaobei could withstand the inertial impact force that was so fast that it stopped.
Of course, even so, t