ifically to put children to sleep.

Of course, from this point of view, Wei Xiaobei also roughly understood why what appeared in the gray world of Paris were relatively modern military wars.
Not long after, the phone in Wei Xiaobei’s room rang. It was an outside call transferred from the hotel’s switchboard.
A girl named Leanne called in.
Leanne called. In addition to thanking Wei Xiaobei for taking care of him in the gray world, she also wanted to invite Wei Xiaobei to her martial arts gym.
This matter had been agreed upon in the gray world, and Wei Xiaobei couldn’t break his promise, so he agreed on the phone.
Wei Xiaobei rarely visits other people’s homes, especially in foreign countries.
After thinking about it, Wei Xiaobei searched the Internet and learned a little about the etiquette of guests in Western countries, then went out to buy some gifts.
Leanne drove a Citroen to see Wei Xiaobei.
Citroen is produced in France, so Citroen occupies a large share of the French family car market, which is similar to Chevrolet in the United States.
Leanne’s martial arts gym is in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, which is also Chinatown in Paris.
This is normal. In foreign countries, most Chinese martial arts schools are opened in Chinatown. In addition to the convenience of life, it also provides mutual recognition of cultural traditions and even makes it easier to recruit students.
If it is difficult for a martial arts gym to recruit students when it first opens, it will not be popular. If it is not popular, its subsequent continued development will be a joke. When students who come to learn martial arts see that there are not many people in the martial arts gym, they will naturally think It will create the impression that martial arts schools are not good enough.
Not to mention Leanne’s driving skills are good, there were no problems all the way back.
Wei Xiaobei was sitting in the passenger seat and saw that many of the cars on the streets of Paris were female drivers. He couldn’t help but laugh with Leanne: “Do you know how to read the news about China?”
“Sometimes I look at China’s domestic network.”
Leanne drove very seriously and rarely spoke. She only replied when Wei Xiaobei spoke.
“I see, the female drivers in Paris are really good. They are much better than the female drivers in China.”
Wei Xiaobei said what he thought was humorous. Leanne nodded while driving and answered seriously: “There should be more cars here and more opportunities to practice.”
Leanne didn’t understand the meaning of Wei Xiaobei’s words at all, which made Wei Xiaobei feel boring.
Indeed, for a girl like Leanne, even if she goes to the domestic Internet, the most she can do is check out some news about her father’s hometown. As for other news about female drivers, how can she care about Wei Xiaobei’s words? There was no meaning in it, so I could only continue driving stupidly.
/Fortunately, District 13 was not far from the hotel where Wei Xiaobei was staying. Soon Wei Xiaobei saw yellow faces.
To be honest, Wei Xiaob