Gao Dewei’s temperament, she probably won’t have the intention to cheat or change her heart. Miao Yingying can safely be a mother-in-law for the rest of her life.

Miao Yingying didn’t seem to pay much attention to what Bai Hui said. She said that she might meet a domineering president and fall in love with me in the capital.
As a girl, no matter how unrealistic your fantasy is, you will keep it in your heart.
The group arrived early at the beef noodle shop next to the entrance of the old train station.
The name of the beef noodle shop is “Mr. Li”. It used to be called “California Beef Noodles”. Probably because of some disputes between the founder and the partners, many shops that were originally called “California Beef Noodles” were renamed “Li’s”. “Sir”, the classic original beef noodles, California chicken, crispy chicken, and red oil belly are all OK.
The first floor of this store is not big, but the second floor is very spacious. There are basically no other customers. Six people sat at a table to order.
/“I want original beef noodles.” Liu Changan said.
“Do you want some noodles?” An Nuan said while flipping through the menu.
“I don’t eat noodles.”
“I’ll eat it.”
“Then you order noodles.”
“I want you to order, and then I want to order this dried bamboo shoots and beef noodles. Mine is soup noodles. I can give it to you.”
“Okay.” Liu Changan thought for a while and stopped reasoning with An Nuan, although he didn’t understand why she didn’t order it when she wanted to eat it, but asked someone else to order it. Then she ordered something similar to what he just ordered.
Maybe this is a girl.
“When you fall in love, your IQ drops.” Gao Dewei pointed at An Nuan and laughed, trying to confirm his statement with everyone’s eyes, “This is no different from ordering your own noodles.”
The three girls looked at Gao Dewei, who had a very high IQ, with an indifferent expression. Gao Dewei was a little embarrassed and his smile faded. He shook his fingers and said nothing. After all, there were three people opposite him. He also had some doubts. Is it really true to order like this? Is there any mystery that he doesn’t know?
“Gao Dewei, what are you eating?” Miao Yingying asked.
Gao Dewei suspected that Miao Yingying wanted to imitate An Nuan. He would not cooperate with such a meaningless thing and just flipped through the menu without saying a word.
“I want the original beef noodles. In fact, the classic original flavor is the basis for the development of a store, so it must be the most delicious. Just like KFC, it always develops new food, but the spicy wings are always the same all year round. Spicy Wings, Original Chicken Fries, etc.” Bai Fen showed a very smart attitude.
/An Nuan wondered if Bai Hui ordered the original beef noodles because Liu Changan had just mentioned it, but she felt that she was too bored, how could she have so many thoughts? Be generous.
After placing the order, Gao Dewei said: “Actually, I will be back during the National Day holiday.”
“We will all get together then.” Miao