o get some benefits.

Being called a humble human being by this black dragon, the Knights of the Round Table showed some anger on their faces.
But Master Merlin remained unmoved and his face was extremely calm. He knew that the character of these giant dragons was like this, both greedy and arrogant.
Of course, if this were not the case, it would be impossible for me to have any idea of ??them.
“Dear Lord Otayus, your brothers are living very well now and have obtained a lot of treasures. This is what they asked me to bring to you. Well, there are also tolls for you.”
As he spoke, Master Merlin’s right staff drew a circle in the air, and then a pile of shiny gold and silver treasures fell to the ground.
There is no doubt that Merlin Mage should also have storage-type spells or magic accessories, otherwise, such a large number of things would not appear out of thin air.
Suddenly, the eyes of the black dragon in the sky straightened.
This is probably the consistent nature of the Western Fantasy Dragon.
They like shiny precious metals and even some rare jewelry the most. For these shiny little things, they can attack human cities, go to war with magicians, and even sell their own labor!
At this time, there was a mountain of gold and silver jewelry piled up, and even some shiny glass balls appeared in its field of vision, which really blinded its eyes.
Without any hesitation, the black dragon swooped down and hit the ground heavily. It ignored the smoke and dust that made the Knights of the Round Table angry, and rushed straight to the hill, happily throwing away the gold. Silver jewelry and even glass balls were picked up with the dragon’s claws, and then slid down from the dragon’s head. There was a look of obsession in his eyes.
Of course, the things that Master Merlin took out were not what he said. They were brought back by Black Dragon’s brother on his behalf.
These things are actually trophies collected from those towns on the way here.
In fact, if you look carefully, you can see the blood stains remaining in the recesses of the gold and silver ornaments.
As for those glass balls, well, they were discovered by Master Merlin in a grocery store in a certain town.
Master Merlin didn’t quite know how cheap these glass balls were in the real world, but he knew that the dragon was fond of these things, so he put them away together with other gold and silver ornaments.
“Very good, you are fine. You can go there. Remember, if the elders agree to your request, remember to take me with you!”
After the black dragon was happy for a while, he came back to his senses, nodded towards Master Merlin, and then said.
/There is no doubt that this black dragon has a relatively simple mind and actually believed Merlin’s words and hoped that Merlin could take him away.
In its mind, in this case, it can also grab many, many good things!
“Okay, Lord Black Dragon.”
Merlin nodded, and then began to signal the Knights of the Round Table to arrange for the soldiers to set up camp.
Undoubtedly, it is not a good thing to le