y world, he naturally has to do a good job in gathering intelligence. To be honest, if it weren’t for the hidden malice in the hotel that was too weird, Wei Xiaobei would not have been willing to leave so easily. Hotel, at least have to investigate the surrounding situation clearly.

Among the remaining ten cultivated creatures, two are fire giants with a height of more than three meters, and the remaining eight are ordinary people.
Wei Xiaobei frowned and looked at the eight-headed man.
Since the Altar of Life does not have the ability to make clothes for these cultivated creatures, there are eight perverted naked men standing there who look stupid.
Wei Xiaobei didn’t have that much clothes to cover the bodies of these ordinary people, so he had to give an order to let these ordinary people collect firewood and find some leaves to wrap themselves.
When everyone dispersed into the woods, Wei Xiaobei took out the body of a flame giant from his storage bracelet.
The names of this flame giant and the fire giant bred by Wei Xiaobei sounded quite similar. The fire giant was indeed bred from the genes of the flame giant, but the gap between the two was a bit big.
Not to mention strength, just talking about height, the fire giant is a little over three meters tall, while the flame giant’s height directly exceeds eight meters!
The huge corpse was taken out of the storage bracelet and fell to the ground, causing the ground to shake.
Then the two fire giants stepped forward and took the two bone blades that Wei Xiaobei took out, and began to dissect the flame giant’s corpse.
/This was not because Wei Xiaobei was lazy, but because the body of the Fire Giant was too big. Wei Xiaobei was several sizes smaller than the body of the Fire Giant, so it was a bit inconvenient to do things.
But this fire giant’s size was more suitable, and Wei Xiaobei could save some trouble.
After the evolution of the Life Altar, the strength of the eight-headed common man was raised to the level of a one-star elite.
Of course, even if the ordinary people’s attributes have reached this level, their combat effectiveness is still very weak. Without Wei Xiaobei’s command, if they are allowed to fight on their own, they may not even be able to defeat a group of ordinary people.
At this time, the role of these ordinary people was to help Wei Xiaobei collect firewood. After the bonfire was lit, they helped the two fire giants subdivide the cut pieces of meat and thread the pieces of meat with branches.
With the help of the fire giant and ordinary people, Wei Xiaobei’s next task became much easier. He only needed to put the prepared meat skewers, apply seasonings on them, and put them on the fire to grill.
Of course, the cooking process here is also fine and rough.
Wei Xiaobei will use the seasonings obtained from the Chenghuang Temple to cook the fine cuts of meat, while the coarser cuts of meat will use seasonings collected from the periphery of Baita Mountain.
After being divided in this way, the quality of the roasted meat will naturally b