acked and killed by two prohibited items.

Any other creature with a bad temper would have exploded on the spot. After all, it was the supreme monster hanging high above, and yet it was “blinded” by the flag, as if it was being slapped in the face.
At this level, who has ever suffered such a big loss to a true saint-level creature? It is quite difficult for him to bear this breath.
The Imperial Dao Spear was indestructible, opening several terrifying bloody holes in its body and even piercing its face.
However, when the sharp spear tip with the texture of the imperial way pierced his head, the Corruptor couldn’t bear it anymore and fought with all his strength, making it impossible for him to pierce the soul.
The flag fluttered and hit its head, causing the supreme monster to shake violently. It was covered in blood, its face was cracked, and a section of the octopus’s tentacles were broken.
However, neither the Royal Dao Spear nor the flag looked happy, but felt heavy in their hearts.
The monster was passively beaten, restrained by islands and whirlpools, and was able to withstand their impact without dying suddenly, which is enough to prove its terror.
/“Unify!” In an instant, the flag surface and the Royal Dao Spear merged and became one, blooming with immeasurable light. The power was terrifyingly increased, and part of the extraordinary sea of ??light was evaporated.
Earlier, they were separated to give people a false impression and to attack and kill, but now there is no need at all.
At this moment, even the vortex of the avenue shifted a little towards them.
There is even a new avenue vortex appearing in the distance, which may target the Yudao Banner.
“Quick victory.” Yu Daoqi felt that something was not right.
It carries chaotic light and more than 20 kinds of extraordinary substances, which are smelted into the Tao Yun and draw the supreme rules. It is more terrifying than the Heavenly Sword and more terrifying than the destructive runes in the spiritual realm.
The Royal Dao Flag can be divided into the God-Slaying Flag and the Body-Slaying Flag. Killing the Soul and the Flesh Body are all manifestations of its overbearing attack methods. Of course, there is also the theory of Yu Ten Thousand Ways.
Now, it is killing gods and bodies, trying to drive monsters into the vortex of the avenue.
The scavenger’s expression changed. It felt the danger and was suffering inside. Because, at the same time, it discovered some secrets of the “Avenue Reef”.
The islands and reefs are most likely from an unknown era. After the depleted extraordinary central universe was completely extinguished, it fell into the extraordinary sea of ??light and turned into a hidden reef.
Now that it has revived, it is as dangerous as the vortex of the avenue, and it is also devouring everything related to the supernatural.
At present, whether it is a whirlpool or a hidden reef, there are lines of cause and effect entangled around the body of the supreme monster. It has not been completely cut off, otherw