there is no market, so it becomes a vicious circle: since light industry is weak, the market is also weak. Naturally, it is impossible for business to develop anywhere. You must know that business is the easiest way to discover wealth. It involves many profound theories and there is no way to explain it to you at the moment,” Sauron said.

The fat man quickly grabbed the topic: “Simply put, business distributes wealth. The more developed business is, the greater the mobility of wealth, and the more people can share the dividends brought by the country’s prosperity, which in turn leads to the development of the market. Expand, and it creates a virtuous cycle. The wealth will become more and more. The problem with Beru is exactly the opposite.”
“So your plan just went wrong. Although you didn’t realize the root cause of the country’s ills, you made adjustments.” Sauron said with appreciation: “However, you didn’t do it thoroughly enough. Have you ever thought about it? If you do, what will the upper management of United Steel Company think? They will think that you are wasting the company’s money. To be honest, this is indeed true. If you want the company’s employees to get better benefits, the company will definitely have to lose some money. You must Your boss won’t want to see these losses.”
Fatty had a good relationship with Hull, so he immediately took over and said, “I’ve come up with a way for you. Your biggest weakness now is that United Steel Company is too big, so if you increase the benefits, it will definitely cost a lot of money. Your boss will never let you go. However, this is also your advantage. United Steel Company is big enough to even form a small society. You can try to implement a series of policies in this small society. change.”
“Do you think I’m such a great politician?” Hull said mockingly.
/After hearing this, the scholars who had just discussed the matter suddenly became interested. Because they suddenly discovered that there was a pretty good test product in front of them.
Almost every one of these scholars had a model of an ideal society. But they also know that no high-level person will let them transform the real world according to their own model of ideal society.
But now the opportunity unexpectedly appeared in front of them.
“Don’t be so unsure. What do politicians mean? How many politicians have truly understood politics throughout the ages? How much progress in history was only driven by someone’s blind decision, and that lucky guy who knew nothing about it was just He has become the great politician you call him.” Old Man Sauron approached Hel and encouraged him.
“Actually, changing society is not as difficult as you think. As long as any difficult problem is broken down into basic units and then solved one by one, the results can be easily obtained.” The fat man also looked very excited.
“You see, we have so many experts in sociology here. We can help you formulate a perfect plan. And this plan will definitely be so detailed that any layman can achieve it as long as he f