, but after all, they were prepared in advance, and they were caught off guard, and in the end they only lost one member.

Following a series of angry shouts, the grass and shrubs on the ground suddenly grew wildly. These plants were twisting and turning as if they were alive, and they would immediately wrap themselves around anything they touched.
/There was no incantation or deliberate gathering of magic power. The magic came out with a roar. This was enough to prove that the wood elf sent here was no ordinary person.
The black scarf assassin and his disciples were the first to react. They jumped up and tried their best to avoid the entanglement of those dancing plants. With their skills, it was not difficult to escape.
Hel also escaped. He did not escape alone. He and Anna slept in a tent tonight, so Anna was always by his side. He hugged Anna who was closest to him, knocked his feet hard, and with a burst of violent air jets, the two of them flew straight into the sky.
It’s a pity that the two people were not able to fly far. I don’t know when, but a huge net was already covered above their heads.
This snare is very similar to Hel’s magic silk. The silk thread used is very thin, the mesh is very sparse, and it is several kilometers long and wide when fully expanded. Such a huge net floats silently in the air, making it impossible to know when it was laid.
Hull, who dove in headfirst, was immediately tightly entangled in the net. Together with Anna in her arms, she was wrapped into a human rice dumpling.
“How is this possible? Why can he still use magic?” Nadara realized it at this time. She stared at the top of her head with wide eyes: “The spores I spread should be the nemesis of magicians.”
No one answered Nadala’s question. Most people couldn’t answer it. The only ones who knew the answer were Hull and Anna and her daughter.
The magic device that made Hel fly was hidden in a closed space. What the magic device called was not the magical energy from the outside world at all, but the energy of nuclear crystal powder that filled the closed space, so Nadara spread The spores have no effect at all.
The two people, who were entangled like a deformed rice dumpling, were slowly pulled down.
Hel and Anna were the last to be caught, and several assassins had already chosen to surrender one step ahead of them.
What shocked Hel was that the only wood elf he shot with his gun was half-sitting up while being held in his arms.
To be honest, Hull couldn’t understand at all. The shot he shot hit the head, which was definitely a more fatal place than the heart.
I have never heard of any creature that can survive being shot through the head. Even if it is transformed into an undead state by magic, it will still die after being hit in the head.
/Although she looked slender and frail, this wood elf was incredibly strong and she pulled Hel out of the net.
The crisp sound of “pop” seemed particularly clear in the dead of night.
“The next step is for the humiliation I have endured.” Nadala finally had an expression on