ers and seas, spreading to various places.

“Back then, didn’t Wang Xuan also have a treasure? He killed the evil spirit that possessed Qitian, and even had a bloody battle with Shang Yi. Where is his health furnace?”
The person who asked this question was naturally not an ordinary person, but an extraordinary person from the past who knew some secrets.
“It’s a pity that Wang Dixian gave away the health furnace and crossed the sea with the most powerful immortals. Now he has no treasure.” Li Tianxian responded personally.
Zhou Yaosheng also commented, which made many people understand the pattern of the extraordinary world and the level of power of the treasure, which really taught ordinary people a lesson.
/Many people feel like they are listening to a book from heaven. In the extraordinary era, the treasure can directly cross the sea of ??stars in the universe and destroy a huge fleet?
/Soon, people understood that Li Tianxian and Zhou Yaosheng had made it obvious enough that this was only the ending of Wang Dixian, not the annihilation of the gods.
“Wang Xuan, are the external comments true? Is it very dangerous for you to fight this time?”
Some acquaintances called one after another, from the old soil to the new star, from Qin Cheng, Huang Ming, Kong Yun, Gu Mingxi and others to the new star Zhong Cheng, Wu Yin, Zhou Yun, Zhong Qing, etc.
Even Wu Chenglin and even Ling Qiming asked about it. Song Yun and others who were over 100 years old and had “business” dealings with Wang Xuan and wanted to wait for his life extension were even more anxious, thinking that he might really die in the battle.
Zhao Zejun directly contacted Wang Zesheng and asked him to advise Wang Xuan to enter outer space in a spaceship and rendezvous with the fleet, and not to engage in extraordinary battles.
Wang Zesheng informed that the other party had inherited a rich super-material treasure and an earthly immortal soul. If Wang Xuan was really targeted, it would be useless even if he hid in a battleship.
“I’ll go to Yuncheng to find you!” Zhao Qinghan wanted to stand with Wang Xuan.
“Don’t come over. I’ll be fine. Having you around me will distract me.” Wang Xuan stopped him.
Although Zhao Qinghan was extremely worried, he was very rational and restrained the strong urge to stand with him and face it, not wanting to cause him any trouble.
At this point, countless people from the old land to the new star know that the last mythical battle is about to appear, and it will be extremely gorgeous. It is the ultimate battle of the earth immortals!
Even before this battle started, it had already spread to all parts of the starry sky, and even people on other planets knew about it.
“What, it’s already this day and age, and there are still people who want to restart the extraordinary war, involving celebrities from that year, and a treasure?”
In the past, the immortals traveled far away and were scattered all over the starry sky. The gods lived in seclusion and were scattered on many planets. Now they have appeared one after another.