he brought and said: “I also solidified the ‘Sharp Technique’, ‘Dark Blade’ and ‘Hell Trauma’ on it. I also solidified a more powerful one, but I don’t know what you mean. When you have enough magic power to use it, you will definitely be surprised when the day comes.”

“Didn’t you say that if you want to keep your consciousness clear, you can’t solidify magic that is too powerful?” Hel asked.
“The book contains all the knowledge you need, but you didn’t read it carefully.” The Immortal King said: “And you didn’t pay attention to what I did just now. The spirit body attached to it can only use the ‘activation rope’. The other three magics need you to activate.”
/The Immortal King returned the ball of thread to Hel and said: “I can guess how you plan to use this magic tool. I will give you a piece of advice. If you want to use it well, practice more on how to use it quickly. Neural vines and magic shin come into play, and if you can freely manipulate these two changes, you’ll discover how powerful you can be.
“There are more important things now.”
The Immortal King’s expression became serious: “Your opponent has woken up. Now it’s time for us to put on a good show. I will come out first, and you will come out again when I summon you. Remember, never Don’t act like we’re familiar with each other.”
/In an empty room, the Red Duke kept walking around. He seemed a little bored, but more of a loss. When he woke up, there was only one person.
The Red Duke may be arrogant at times, but he still has self-awareness. He definitely didn’t think that he was the strongest among the seven people. The others died, but he was the only one who survived.
He also didn’t think that the owner here would suddenly become compassionate and let these intruders go.
Just when he was worried about the future, the door suddenly opened, and the owner here appeared at the door.
“I didn’t expect that you would live to the end.” The Immortal King said, bullying the Red Duke without knowing the truth.
“I can’t be the only survivor, can I?” the Red Duke asked.
“A total of four people survived.” The Immortal King did not intend to lie on this matter.
“Only three died?” the Red Duke said to himself, secretly guessing how true it was.
In the illusion, it is absolutely impossible to know who is the opponent and who is the monster produced by the illusion, and he has no way to get in touch with others. He just feels that there are two opponents who are different and they are particularly powerful.
“Why don’t you continue? Don’t you want to decide a winner?” The Red Duke asked again. He was already somewhat sure that the master here did not want to kill them.
The Immortal King said calmly: “That’s just a waste of time. The four of you make different choices. You have weaknesses and strengths. Although your strength is high or low, no one has an absolute advantage. Unless one party makes a mistake, no one can think of it. Kill someone.”
“Am I lucky enough to know which people are the final survivors?” The Red Duke finally relaxed and asked wi