and martial arts are very blurred. They are classified using concepts such as good and evil, yin and yang, hardness and softness, and kingship.

“Among these three books, “Prajna Vajra Mantra” and “Tai Qing Zhen Jie” belong to positive power. Although I have not read it, I can guess that “Prajna Vajra Mantra” emphasizes masculinity, “Tai Qing Zhen Jie” emphasizes femininity, and “The Secret Secret of the Supreme Joy Sect” belongs to the evil sect, and it takes a domineering approach, and those who can set magic in the book are mostly people from the evil sect.”
The more the old professor explained, the more uncomfortable Hull felt, and at the same time, he became more and more worried. After all, in his mind, anything related to evil was always not a good thing.
After coming out of the sauna room, the two of them hired a masseur each. A complete massage took one hour, and the price was quite expensive, but Hull really enjoyed it. After a month of continuous exertion, he fell asleep without realizing it.
When I left the bathroom, it was late at night again. It was later than yesterday, so the street had even begun to fog.
Hailing a taxi, Hull asked the driver to drive faster, otherwise when the fog filled the air, the carriage would only be able to move forward at a snail’s pace.
Just after crossing two streets, Hull felt something was wrong. In the past, there were very few people on the street at this moment, but at this moment, there were actually two carriages following behind him.
From the way they were chasing after him, it was certain that the ones following him were definitely not surveillance spies. Could it be that his secret base had been exposed and that they were the ones who came to arrest him?
But after thinking about it, I don’t think it’s like it. If you want to arrest him, no matter how much you look down on him, you have to send at least a team of police officers to round him up. How come there are only two carriages? One carriage can only be filled with people. Nine or eighteen people are not enough even if they are used to block the intersection.
Glancing at the increasingly thickening fog outside through the window, Hull came up with an idea. When the carriage passed through the South District and was still a few kilometers away from his home, he asked the coachman to stop the carriage on the side of the road, where there was a There is a small forest, and through the woods and over a hillside is his villa. This is a shortcut, but it is not easy to walk.
Hull whistled, slowly lowering his whistle to make the guys following him think he was gone.
He hid deep in the woods only ten meters away from the roadside and quickly rummaged through his pockets.
There is only an inch-long pocket knife in the pocket, which is used to peel fruits.
Apart from this knife, the only weapon in his hand is the short staff.
If you don’t have weapons, you can only “make” weapons. This is what Old Man Moon said, and Hull has always found it very reasonable.
/He took off his leather vest and wrapped it arou