“Brother Wei is so amazing. This physiognomy technique is really powerful.”

Wei Xiaobei didn’t say anything after seeing it, and the other officers couldn’t help but secretly complain, although you have to thank him, but you don’t have to be so obvious about flattering him, right?
Wei Xiaobei was awakened by Zhang Xin’s words, and then he found a special term for fortune telling, deceived Zhang Xin, and flattered Zhang Xin, who had never seen such things before. Zhang Xin couldn’t help but be amazed. Even the officers next to him felt that this little brother Wei did have some information.
After that, Wei Xiaobei used the name of fortune telling to look at several officers.
These officers have different creature levels.
There are three army commanders, that is, generals who command four hundred people. One has four-star ordinary strength, and two have three-star terrifying strength.
Two captains, that is, generals who command two thousand troops and can fight independently, have a biological level of four-star elites.
According to this ratio, there are probably no fewer than twenty generals with four-star or above strength in this camp!
This is probably a bit too scary.
Wei Xiaobei finally understood why Zhao Tong became a military commander only when he was at least four-star ordinary. That was it.
Just when Wei Xiaobei attracted more and more officers who came to see him, a gentle voice rang next to Wei Xiaobei: “I didn’t expect that little brother Wei is also proficient in strange arts. How can people Come and see with admiration. Come and take a look.”
Well, just after this voice sounded, Wei Xiaobei felt a layer of cold sweat break out on his back.
Your sister!
This voice turned out to be Zhao Yun!
How did you attract Zhao Yun?
Then I thought about Zhao Yun’s personality, which can be said to be the type that loves soldiers like a son. He is usually friendly with the sergeants. It is normal to see a group of officers gathering here and come to take a look.
But this is not a good thing for Wei Xiaobei.
Wei Xiaobei didn’t think he could fool Zhao Yun.
What has a general like Zhao Yun who has experienced hundreds of battles never seen before?
“Young man, you’re just having fun.”
Wei Xiaobei forced a smile.
“Since it’s just for fun, why not show it to someone?”
Zhao Yun laughed loudly and knelt down in front of Wei Xiaobei. The generals then described Wei Xiaobei’s magic to Zhao Yun.
Your sister!
Wei Xiaobei had the urge to put the food plate on that guy’s head. This was simply sending himself to the execution ground.
But it’s no use not showing it to Zhao Yun at this time.
Wei Xiaobei gritted his teeth and simply landed an attribute probe on Zhao Yun.
As the attribute detection was completed, Zhao Yun’s attribute table immediately appeared in Wei Xiaobei’s mind.
/Name: Zhao Yun.
Race: human.
Sex: Male.
Age: Unknown.
Creature level: 4-star elite.
/Properties: Unknown.
Skills: Unknown.
Special Skills: Unknown.
Possessions: Unknown.
Um? Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but frown. Although