ually return to the outside world or enter here from the outside world. Even Hel, who is closest to him, does not know this secret.

As early as a few months ago, he had torn apart the shield between the two spaces and took back the life box and the consciousness clone left in that world.
The Devil’s Mountains were completely abandoned by him, and everything there was no longer of any use to him.
After thousands of years of accumulation, he would have some good things in his hands. As long as they were useful, he would bring them all.
The most useful among them are the more than a thousand rings that are the same as the Lord of Zambal. Each ring is a king insect. Most of these king insects appear after the golden devil, so they are stronger than the golden devil.
But this is not the final killing move. The Immortal King’s final trump card is the entire magic furnace that has been transported to this world.
After being transported to this world, the magic furnace was disassembled and reinstalled. Almost all the important parts were replaced. In particular, the core part was completely made of Tianxin Stone. This Tianxin Stone was smaller than the original Holy Light Prayer Tower. The piece of Tianxin Stone is much larger. It cost him all the money he had to buy this thing.
/Three days later, when the Immortal King came out of hiding, he had put on a new body. The life box was embedded in the center of his chest. This position should be the core of his heart in the future. He plans to fuse the heart core and life box, which will have great benefits.
It is undoubtedly very risky to put the life box in the body, but there is no way. Without the life box, the final step of transformation cannot be completed.
After putting on a new body, the Immortal King was in no hurry to carry out his original plan.
In addition to Hel and Diana, he also saw the battle that day.
The fallen can actually regain their self-awareness by devouring another person. This is definitely an earth-shattering secret.
His plans necessitated changes simply because of this secret.
It is not difficult to find a person at the peak of the heaven level. There is a large group of suitable candidates in the huge city a hundred kilometers away, but he will never choose these people because he has no idea when these people will Only then will the final transformation take place.
Heaven-level experts can control the arrival of the final transformation, and the Immortal King himself continues the final transformation to this day. The final transformation is delayed because they are not sure of its success.
Since you can delay, there are naturally ways to interrupt this delay.
So he already had the most suitable target in his mind – Dosarun.
At the bottom of a trench more than 10,000 meters deep, there is a giant magic circle hidden. Judging from the appearance of the magic circle, it is definitely not a work of this world. This magic circle was set up by the Immortal King.
/Astonishing spatial fluctuations emanated from this magic circle. If it wer