tuation to occur.

But no matter what, the hidden dangers in his body were completely eliminated.
But now Wei Xiaobei felt that he was extremely weak. Indeed, the tumors that had proliferated accounted for almost more than 70% of Wei Xiaobei’s body weight.
In other words, after Wei Xiaobei cleaned up these tumors and nuclear dust, his body was almost empty, with most of his internal organs missing, 80% of his muscles missing, and less than 20% of his blood!
Even the recovery ability has been weakened a lot.
Without the support of energy and material, Wei Xiaobei’s extremely powerful recovery ability would not be able to recover his body out of thin air.
So, the way this weakness manifests itself is through hunger!
He was so hungry that whenever he saw anything, Wei Xiaobei would replace it with chicken legs, beef or even rice.
He took out a large pile of barbecued meat from the storage ring and after devouring it, Wei Xiaobei could feel that the remaining half of his stomach was like a blender, turning the barbecued meat into minced meat in an instant, and then quickly absorbed it.
/But as a result, Wei Xiaobei felt even hungrier.
Looking through the storage ring, Wei Xiaobei was shocked to find that he only had two pieces of barbecue left.
Well, I remember that I haven’t cooked or prepared food for a while.
Wei Xiaobei sighed softly, stuffed the last two pieces of barbecue into his mouth and swallowed, then took out the dragon scale pot from the storage ring.
To be honest, Wei Xiaobei could also feel that after his biological level was upgraded to a four-star disaster, these foods with lower than fairy quality were no longer enough to fill his stomach.
To put it simply, it is like a baby. Milk and breast milk can fill its belly so that it no longer feels hungry.
But if you are an adult, no matter how much milk you let him eat, he will probably be hungry, and he will need food that can provide more energy! Rather than a liquid with a water content of more than 87%!
Beef, chicken, and pork are all available!
This is Wei Xiaobei’s current state!
For Wei Xiaobei, those low-quality barbecues are like milk for adults. Although drinking it may make your stomach full for a while, you will soon be hungry again and cannot support the body’s needs at all. Enough energy!
The dragon scale pot was being heated. Using this time, Wei Xiaobei processed the half of the dragon. He peeled off the scales and skin directly, and then used a dragon kitchen knife to cut up the meat.
Most of the cut dragon meat and scales were stored in the storage ring.
Although Wei Xiaobei was very hungry, the half of the dragon produced more than a hundred tons of fine meat! Wei Xiaobei didn’t think he could swallow so much dragon meat in one go.
The fat from the dragon’s body was cut into half lengths of chopsticks, and slowly simmered in a pot until three large pots of golden yellow and fragrant dragon oil came out.
To be honest, Wei Xiaobei valued the dragon oil far more than the dragon meat.
There is very little fat on the body