llery pieces placed at the entrance, playground and roof of the building, including two twenty-four-pound artillery pieces at the door. , the most powerful. In addition, there are more than twenty small-caliber cannons that fire shotguns, scattered in every corner of the building.

All of this is surrounded by high and thick walls. Those walls are impossible to climb over without ladders. There are barbed wires on the top of the walls. There is a tower on each of the four corners, and each tower has a small-caliber shotgun. .
It’s like a fortress, Hel thought to himself, but this thing is already a bit outdated.
Hull’s days in the army were not in vain. He had seen the power of various artillery and explosive devices, so he knew very well that this kind of wall might be a difficult obstacle to break through in the cold weapon era, but now, it only takes Three barrels of gunpowder can make it disappear completely.
“How’s everything done?” Hale asked.
“Everything is ready. Mr. Chalon asked me to ask you, do you need anyone?” the man said respectfully.
Hel was slightly startled, but he immediately covered up the surprise in his heart because he believed that Lida’s father would never ask this question.
What the guy in front of me just said in superfluous words may be regarded as his excessive hope of showing off, but it is more likely that this guy has already rebelled.
Although he remained calm on the surface, Hull’s heart was filled with turmoil. Mr. Chalon once said that this man could be completely trusted. He had been following Mr. Chalon for more than ten years and had always been loyal. Most importantly, his family The young and old are all under the control of Mr. Chalon, so betrayal is unlikely.
But what is going on now? How many “loyal” men like him are there around Lida’s father?
After letting the suspicious messenger return to the river, Hull called the two “staff officers” and Lida over and told them everything that had just happened. Hull looked at the faces of these people. reaction.
Nut obviously had no interest in such things as conspiracy and assassination. He flipped through the drawings on the table, probably starting to formulate a specific attack plan.
Gear had a stern face and looked very gloomy. He looked like a person engaged in intelligence at the moment.
/Lida frowned and her eyes wandered.
“If this person is a traitor, who is he working for?” It took a while for Gear to say: “Secret police? Or some force that got the information we spread?”
The same question also existed in Hull’s mind, but he had one more suspect, and that was the Red Duke.
Hull has been on guard against the Red Duke’s revenge, but for nearly two weeks, there has been no news. Except that the Blood Vengeance Brotherhood has raised some questions about this incident through the upper echelons of the Brotherhood, there has been no other action.
The strangest thing is that the blood feud did not mention the kidnapping of the Red Duke at all, but only made a big fuss about the swordsman who was shot and killed by