e can gamble as he pleases, as long as he doesn’t win too much each time, he won’t be exposed. Lida’s father once told him that in that kind of place, the casino will only open when someone wins too much. I’ll hire a magician to take a look.

Hull scanned the entire casino, but he didn’t see the old liar.
Calculating the current time, that guy must be having fun with some woman.
He just asked the dwarf general manager. Harlan must not know that he is here, and the dwarf general manager also assured very implicitly that he has sent people to keep an eye on Harlan. If anyone wants to tip off the old liar, He will definitely come to report.
After walking around the casino, Hull stopped at the card table. The Dupton card was played here, which is a gambling method similar to blackjack, except that the cards each person holds are larger than twenty-one. I want a few more.
Hull knew that old liars were good at this, and most of the money-winners came from this. If there is no way to make a fortune, winning in other gambling methods depends on luck. Only here, in addition to luck, it relies more on skill.
He planned to wait for Harlan here, and before sitting down, he had transformed himself into another person, ensuring that the old liar would not recognize him anyway.
Hull played a few rounds casually, and his luck was neither good nor bad, but with the addition of blind sense, he would definitely win.
/The spectators at the club seemed to know what he meant, so they had no intention of interfering.
After playing for almost an hour and a half, the old liar Harlan finally appeared. He looked familiar to everyone here, so he said hello before sitting down. But when he arrived in Hull, he saw It was a new face who was slightly startled.
The old liar was sitting in seat four. As soon as he sat down, a waiter from the casino came over with a tray full of chips. Hull counted them and found that there were about 20,000 free chips.
/After those rounds, Hull had already figured out the rules here: the stakes for each gambling game here must be at least one hundred furri, and most dealers use three hundred furri as the base for their bets. The stakes are not very big, and it seems a bit difficult to make the old liar lose everything in one fell swoop.
In the past hour and a half, Hull had gotten to know the other people at the same table. The person in the first position was a rich man from Harang; the second and third positions were local celebrities; the person in the fifth position was a local celebrity. The lady sitting at No. 6 is an old lady from Debreton; the one at No. 6 is an old man from Afa; the two at No. 8 and No. 9 are from the northern country.
Among these people, the two in positions 2 and 6 gambled very shrewdly and were the winners on the gambling table at this moment.
The lady was always losing, and although she would win occasionally, she would soon lose all her winnings: the two men from the northern country were not very good at gambling, but they had the best interest.
Fives, Eights and Nines are