arious skills in the past in his mind, and it gradually became clear what kind of abilities were required. He didn’t know that he was finalizing the direction of his future strength advancement.

In Hull’s opinion, in addition to magic such as animal control, super-sensory powers, trap skills, light skills, and acceleration skills all need to be strengthened, the fighting skills and shooting skills that he had in the past must also be improved.
Black Seraph can only be regarded as a semi-finished product. Although he can attack from a distance and fight at close quarters, he is somewhat half-baked. Neither his equipment nor his skills have been refined and integrated.
Although the long-range attack has flying needles, hand crossbows and the improved pistol, the power of the first two is limited. It may be good to deal with police officers, but it is obviously not enough to deal with experts. The pistol is too inconvenient to load ammunition, so it must be replaced. A multi-round revolver.
The kicking technique in close combat is very suitable for him who lacks strength, but it is also a tool for dealing with low-hands. There are some fighting techniques in the three secret books that you can learn from, such as “four or two moves a thousand pounds”, “breaking bones” “Hand” and the like, it doesn’t require a strong body to be used.
Just as Hull was thinking about countermeasures, the Red Duke was sitting on the carriage returning to Versailles. He now looked a little sloppy, his body was covered with dust, his shoes were all covered with dust, and he looked in a mess, because Hull chose a pair of He fled on a remote and uninhabited road, and the nearest town was more than fifty kilometers away from the border.
The Red Duke waited for a whole day before he met a passing carriage. After he promised a large reward, the driver took a detour and took him to a slightly larger town.
The Red Duke did not intend to change into country bumpkin clothes, so he preferred to become dirty and slovenly. He tried his best to maintain his “elegance” at all times.
/The Red Duke was not very picky about the carriage. At this moment, he had no money, so he had to pull off two gold buttons from his sleeves and exchange them for more than twenty crowns in a hotel.
After giving the coachman five crowns, the Red Duke used the remaining money to hire a carriage, but the money was only enough for him to go to Russell, the nearest big city.
The Red Duke was not worried about not being able to return to Fansai. As long as he got to Russell, he could find a bunch of people who knew him.
Sitting in the carriage, the Red Duke leaned against the window and thought about everything in the past few days. For some reason, he didn’t feel angry in his heart, at least not as angry as when the Zambal spider fell into the hands of others.
This accident actually made him calm down completely. Perhaps it was because he suddenly discovered that he was used to the life of being the master of all things in Fansai, so he gradually relaxed. If it were twe