time, the Immortal Throne lost control, causing everything inside to slide out.

In addition to these skeleton guards, there are also skeleton spear knights and the Red Duke who have never been used.
After just blowing up dozens of skeleton soldiers, there were still more than a hundred. At Hull’s order, this small undead regiment rushed towards the opposite side. Behind the skeleton soldiers were the skeleton spear knights.
Hull did not let the Red Duke, who had become an undead demon servant, go up and die. This guy had no fighting ability.
Six battle formations surrounded Hel, Xueli and Anna, surrounded by the monastery knights who were gradually surrounding them.
Suddenly, a knight on the opposite side rushed over with a roar. He obviously had no regard for life and death. He rushed into the battle formation and aimed his sword at one of the skeletal soldiers.
There was no explosion as expected.
Both the rider who thought he was destined to die and Hull who was controlling the skeleton guards were all stunned.
“I know! That’s not a real forbidden magic. It’s just a magic device that controls us. But for the skeleton guards with independent souls, this kind of forbidden magic has no effect.” Anna saw through the mystery at a glance.
The people in the monastery opposite also realized that these numerous skeletons were not scary.
With a flick of his hand, Hel released the magic thread. Now it is the most powerful bodyguard around him.
And he himself rushed out. This damn forbidden demon made the two women around him unable to play any role, so he could only bite the bullet and get in on his own.
He is absolutely bare-handed now, and all the weapons are in the space ring. The space ring is also a magic weapon and is also restricted by the forbidden magic.
While rushing forward, Hull made up his mind that he would definitely carry some weapons with him in the future and could no longer throw everything in the space ring.
“Bang bang bang bang!” Gunshots rang out from the opposite side.
The monastery was divided into two teams. One team rushed into the battle formation and tried to kill the three enemies at close range, while the other team stood far away and fired.
The bullets hitting the skeletal soldiers were useless, so all the guns on the opposite side were aimed at Hull.
The Holy See’s silver bullets are definitely a great threat to Hull. These silver bullets are blessed with many magical powers such as penetration, evil destruction, purification, etc. He only needs to be shot once to suffer.
Therefore, Hel didn’t dare to rely on the clothes made of Yuan Spider Silk to withstand the bullets as before: he hid quite embarrassedly, and most of the time he could only use the skeletal soldiers as a shield.
Only at this moment did he realize that he cared very much about Anna and Xueli.
Now he can only hope that the cavalry of the Holy See will have true chivalry and not shoot at women and children.
/Hull’s target is the knights who rush into the battle. He must not let these knights destroy his unde