ead raised.

The black-winged golden-eyed eagle soared high into the sky, taking in the vast expanse of sight. It turned into golden light and descended from the clouds, landing on Lu Bei’s shoulder.
“No, there isn’t even a demon king, they are all useless little demons.”
Lu Bei frowned and stood on the top of the mountain. There was no demon king, which meant that these guys had received the news that the Death Star was flashing and ran away with their buckets.
According to Tu Yuan’s words, only when Mahayana monks appear in Shiwandashan will the demon kings flee.
As a monk in the Tribulation Stage, in the early stage of integration after the union of heaven and man, the Mahayana Stage must have nothing to do with him. There is only one truth. Xuanlong’s white-haired Mahayana Stage monk went home to visit.
Damn it, can I still earn experience well?
Lu Bei secretly thought that it was bad luck and was quite speechless at the same time. He wanted to find the Xuanlong Mahayana Stage, so he first went to Shiwanda Mountain to find the Demon King. He understood the reasoning behind it, but he always felt that something was wrong.
“You two are acting opposite each other!”
Lu Bei searched Shiwanda Mountain to no avail, and returned to Gushan City feeling slightly depressed.
The demon-slaying sword has seen no blood, and the experience has not been gained. Heaven and man are one, and they always have a heart of compassion for heaven and humanity. How can they bear this kind of grievance? Go find the bad luck of Tu Yuan, the guard of Gushan City.
The result was not very good and Tu Yuan closed his eyes to death.
The more I thought about it, the angrier and more aggrieved I became.
/Good people are rewarded. Lu Bei was depressed for a while, and then he got some good news.
Zhao Wuyou uploaded the information about the seven prisoners, and Xuanlong Emperor Zhao Fangce arrived at Gushan City and hosted a banquet in honor of Lu Bei and the Gu family’s seven carts.
Accompanying me was an old man with white hair and beard.
Among the emperors known to Lu Bei, Zhao Fangce’s face was undoubtedly the most ugly one.
It’s not that he is not handsome enough. The white hairs of the Zhao family are average in appearance, and there is no ugly one. It’s just that the scar on Zhao Fangce’s face is like a centipede coiled on his face, which seriously destroys the beauty.
Not laughing is scary, but smiling is even scarier.
The old man, like Zhao Fangce, had several scars crisscrossing his cheeks, and his broken eyebrows and split face were extremely ferocious. For those who didn’t know, they thought this was the unique aesthetic of the Xuanlong Zhao family.
“Don’t be like this again.”
At the banquet hall, Lu Bei whispered to the side, asking Zhao Wuyou to maintain normal growth and not to grow crooked.
Zhao Wuyou nodded absently.
Xiao Baimao reported the intelligence. The seven carts were of great importance and could be called the last seven straws to overwhelm Xiong Chu in the game. Zhao Fangce arrived at Gushan City as qu