ect’s top secret.”

“Haha, I understand, I understand! However, although there are no multi-degree crystal disks here, I do have one in my hand. Who made me the director of the council? My job includes helping others appraise their grades, so the tools are always Take it with you.”
While talking, a tall, thin old magician took out a bunch of things and started playing with them.
But his wrinkled smiling face suddenly froze, and his hazy eyes widened, staring at the values ??on the crystal disk.
Ridiculousness and terror will change according to the state of mind, so the famous bloody battle flag and blood baptism robe, which were just ridiculous props in the eyes of everyone just now, have now become proof of terror.
/Especially the few distinguished guests invited from the Council of Magicians, who were playing with the donut crystal discs in front of them in a colorless manner.
Everyone here is trying to prove that something went wrong on that crystal disk, because if it weren’t for that, what they saw would be horrific.
The values ??displayed by everyone swept by the Donado Crystal Disk prove one thing – a super magician.
Those people wearing blood baptism robes are all super magicians. This is a corps composed entirely of super magicians.
“This is impossible, there must be something wrong!”
I don’t know who shouted: “I have never heard that there are so many super magicians in the world. Where do they come from?”
A series of echoing voices immediately came from all around, “It must be some kind of clever illusion.”
But at this moment, everyone no longer had the relaxed mood just now, and everyone was full of doubts.
Dean Andane quietly waved his hand back, and one of his elders immediately retreated from the hall knowingly. The elder was going to move reinforcements.
This time, the Soul-Eating Sect was not unprepared. It could even be said to be quite well prepared. In addition to inviting members of the Council of Magicians to serve as witnesses, they also inquired about the origins of the Necromancer and even borrowed it from the Blood Vengeance Brotherhood. Many experts.
The Blood Vengeance Brotherhood also has powerful magicians. This time, in addition to Master Zac, there is also a member of the Holy God Society. He is a very high-level priest. He is proficient in various advanced magical arts. He is absolutely It is the nemesis of the Necromancer.
However, these are not the main force of the Blood Vengeance Brotherhood. The real strength of the Blood Vengeance Brotherhood lies in the large number of divine warriors. This time they sent a super master to come with five high-level divine warriors.
Dean Andane’s generosity towards blood feud is not without doubts. A high-level dark mage, a high-level priest, and a super-level divine warrior. Such a combination attracts people’s attention everywhere. Just to solve this trouble, it seems a bit fussy. , so he once suspected that the blood feud had another purpose.
For this reason, Dean Andane specially invited a few more council members,