p of his head, like a landslide, with dozens of cubic meters of The huge rock cracked from the middle. He picked up Xue Na and jumped into the air. He jumped seventy or eighty meters high and rushed out of the ground.

On the ground, the dwarves have completely wiped out the remaining humans. They don’t kill many people. They all go to capture prisoners. But capturing prisoners is capturing prisoners, and humans have no special value in their eyes. , so they took action at will during the arrest. Their hammers immediately knocked over and smashed dozens of people, turning them into pulp. The remaining humans also had their legs and feet broken by them, like pigs and dogs. General was dragged on the ground, then tied up with ropes, and was about to move towards the bunker where he lived. Suddenly, where they were fighting, the huge rock under his feet burst violently, and a black shadow shot out from it. When they landed, they and the humans saw a young man standing on the spot holding a little girl, looking deeply at them with a pair of distant dark eyes.
As soon as Pei Jiao came out of the ground, he was immediately shocked by the situation outside. The whole ground was covered with broken bones and blood. It really seemed like a massacre scene in a novel or movie. It was a massacre caused by human beings themselves. It would not be possible to turn the corpses of human beings into this. It was really miserable. Many people were directly turned into meat, mixed with mud and rocks, and piled up everywhere on the ground.
Just in the distance, more than two hundred short and wide dwarves were walking, dragging hundreds of humans with ropes. The cries he heard before came from these hundreds of humans, and the most disturbing thing was What made him furious was that the cries of these humans were so loud that some dwarves became impatient. When he first came out, he happened to see a dwarf lifting a hammer and beating a fat man in his forties. The aunt was smashed to pieces, and the bones and internal organs were scattered everywhere, and the dwarf was laughing there.
“MB, what do you want to do with a bunch of ghosts and monsters who haven’t even entered the demonic realm?!”
Pei Jiao was already furious. Even though he had experienced many battles and witnessed the experiments of the World Government, which used humans as batteries, soul armies, and supplements, he had never seen it before. He had never seen such bloody behavior before, and he could see that the dwarves in front of him were more “ghostly” and were obviously intelligent creatures.
“I’m going to skin you!”
When the words fell, Pei Jiao had turned into a silver current. In a flash, he had rushed to the dwarf who was holding up the hammer and laughing. He pulled him and tore his scalp open. With a hiss, he was killed directly. His skin and outer armor were torn off.
/Pei Jiao and Gong Yeyu are actually the same kind of people, otherwise they would not be able to get along so well and become partners whose lives depend on each other.
Both of them hav