anger in Pei Jiao’s heart became even hotter. He turned his head and smiled coldly at the dozen dwarves with fighting spirit on their bodies, and then said: “I’ll skin you all. Damn it, your wealth is not ours? Hehe, I really don’t know what kind of courage you have to treat us humans like this. It’s outrageous. Tooth for tooth, eye for eye, I will make you howl in pain for days. How many nights will it take you to die!”

At this time, the dwarves had no idea of ??survival. The dozen or so people all ran back desperately. Only Ala Mu stood motionless on the spot. He just yelled in despair: ” You can’t do this to me! The contract between the hundreds of tribes signed by your Holy Spirit is still there. You have committed a great crime by treating me like this. All of our tribes will work together to eradicate you humans! The Holy Spirit of our Holy Land will also defeat you and will Your soul is thrown into the endless magma, leaving you unable to survive or die.”
Pei Jiao ignored him at all. He just walked up to him and put his hand on his. Under the pressure of the huge force, the dwarf suddenly knelt on the ground. Only then did Pei Jiao roar loudly with a ferocious face: “Are you done? You mean hundreds of tribes? Bullshit hundred tribes! Whoever dares to touch one of my human beings, I will destroy other tribes! You dwarves are destined to be destroyed. This bullshit holy land is just a fantasy land. I destroyed it. There are already two fantasy lands, so I don’t mind one more dwarf fantasy land! I’m going to exterminate you dwarves!”
/Amidst the roar, Pei Jiao tore hard with both hands, directly tearing off Alamu’s skin and armor, leaving only the naked muscle body. Then Pei Jiao ignored him and flew directly towards him. The dozen or so people who were escaping in the distance skinned him one by one and impaled him on the ground.
For nearly ten minutes, when Pei Jiao stood in front of this group of humans, they looked at him with complex expressions of fear, expectation, admiration, and gratitude.
It’s easy to say gratitude and admiration. After all, it was Pei Jiao who saved their lives. At least he kept them away from the terrible dwarf lair, freed them from slavery and the precarious days. His wife and The daughter will not be raped by the dwarves. There is no reason why they should not be grateful and admire her.
/But on the other hand, Pei Jiao’s methods were so cruel that they, the humans who wanted to eat dwarf flesh and drink dwarf blood, were also a little frightened. It was obvious that he could kill the dwarf with one punch, but he didn’t. Instead of doing this, he skinned these dwarves one by one and thrust them on the ground, peeling off the skin completely while they were still alive! The ground was full of flesh and blood dwarves, and there were dwarf skins everywhere. This scene made many women and children vomit at the scene, and some young people also vomited non-stop. Even those who didn’t vomited, their faces turned blue with fear.
But the expectations are a bit complicated. They ar