ul world, even after he becomes stronger, he will not be afraid of arrests and arrests by these governments. He can boldly speak about the situation in hell and hell, but even if he dares to speak, governments of various countries dare not release this information. If this is the case, they still cannot prevent this catastrophe.

Yang Xuguang smiled gently and said: “There is nothing we can do about this. Now governments around the world are studying how to safely escape from sin by relying on electromagnetic waves. After this big killer weapon is invented, the government will be as stable as a mountain. Then they will probably be I will release the details of the soul world. When I mentioned the matter of manifesting ghosts before, please don’t interrupt me. Those ghosts will manifest in the cities or areas with the most free souls, and the time of their manifestation will be Usually at the end of the year, or in July and August, there will be a climax of ghost manifestations about once every six months.”
“The end of the year, the end of the year.” Pei Jiao was shocked and almost shouted: “In other words, it is already the end of December and New Year’s Day is coming soon. Isn’t this the most likely manifestation of those ghosts? time? Then why do we have to go to Fantasyland at this time?”
“Because the fantasy world is at its weakest at this time.” Gong Yeyu, who had been taking a nap against the cabin wall, suddenly opened his eyes. He said to Pei Jiao in a deep voice: “I don’t know why, most of the demons in the outside world are manifested. , is definitely when Fantasyland is at its weakest, and the strength of the real demon-level ghosts inside is not even half of its usual strength. This is why I chose this time to enter Fantasyland.”
/When Gong Yeyu said this, he closed his eyes again and murmured: “I have to be responsible for you. If I were alone, I would naturally not be afraid of any real demon-level ghosts, but together with you, in such a melee, In the scene, you are likely to have various accidents. Moreover, high-level fantasy places like Fengdu are not like low-level fantasy places like the North and South Battlefields. Once you enter, your standing position will teleport outside the entrance and exit. If an accident occurs, at least half of your people in China will die, so I chose this time period, and if there is a problem, I will take full responsibility for it.”
Everyone was speechless at the moment, but Pei Jiao only felt heavy in his heart. For some reason, he had a bad premonition in his heart, as if something terrible would definitely happen within the next ten days, and he also I started to worry about my mother and sister
No matter what, in the afternoon of that day, everyone arrived at Fengdu County, Chongqing City, which is the entrance to Fengdu City, China’s fantasy land!
After everyone got off the military transport plane from the airport, they took a special car and headed towards the entrance of Fantasy Land. Because everyone appeared in the form of burning standard energy, t