ght to chase them, after catching them, I must let them live Watch your bones being carved into shape!”

The more than twenty elven soldiers behind her were also full of murderous intent. God knows they were lying on warm beds before, or discussing the secrets of human nature with elven beauties, but suddenly they were sent by this royal court. The legendary mages gathered together. They couldn’t do anything about this legendary mage, but they could take it out on humans. Damn it, such lowly humans dared to let noble elves like them go back and forth several times. This is really a big sin. Got it!
/Under the order of the elf woman, this group of elf soldiers followed the retreat of the more than twenty humans. After walking for only tens of minutes, they came to a steep cliff, and followed this Walking out of the cliff, you can get out of the forest from this path in the shortest time. However, this path is very steep. The elven soldiers even saw two fresh corpses under the cliff hundreds of meters below. The human corpses were obviously two of this group of humans who fell and died not long ago.
Seeing this, the elf soldiers all sneered. Although the cliff path in front of them is steep, it depends on what race it is for, whether it is a weak race like humans, or a big or three-strong race such as mountain barbarians or orcs. As far as the race is concerned, this path is indeed deadly, but for the elves, they can even fight and roll on this path. The darlings of the jungle, this sentence is no joke.
Now there was no need for the elf woman to say hello. They all held weapons, either long bows or double swords. After holding the weapons, they began to rush forward.
/I have to admit that the elves may really be born hunters and warriors in the mountains and woods. On this extremely steep mountain road, their running speed has not slowed down at all. On the contrary, they can even jump in line with several people in succession. In front of them, when they were running, they seemed to have Qinggong in those martial arts novels. With just one step, they could run continuously for more than ten meters on the stone wall. In this way, this group of elven soldiers ran forward for several minutes. Afterwards, on the cliff path ahead, more than twenty humans were climbing forward cautiously.
The leader of this group of more than 20 humans was the middle-aged strong man. At this moment, he happened to walk through a curve and could see the group of elven soldiers chasing after him. He immediately panicked. He shouted loudly, but as soon as he shouted, he immediately regretted it, because the location here was on a cliff. They were not the elves. In fact, there were two weak people among them before. Tumbled directly off the cliff.
Sure enough, as soon as this loud roar came out, three or four people began to tremble violently. If they didn’t grasp their balance well, they immediately turned over and rolled down the cliff. The remaining people were all weak and leaning against the cliff. Go on, they don’t even h