by Rocky, are also absorbing sins, rather than suppressing sins. This is a completely different matter.

So, Pei Jiao made a comparison. If ordinary human souls were fighting against these alien souls in the past, as long as both sides had natural weapons, then two to three ordinary human souls would be enough to compete with these alien souls who had survived tens of thousands of people. Years, hundreds of thousands of years of alien souls, how big is the gap between the two sides?
Could this be the reason for the race of the protagonist of Century Civilization?
But it shouldn’t be. Didn’t the protagonist’s civilization appear several centuries before humans? However, I haven’t heard any abnormalities mentioned by these alien races. They are just souls. There are more powerful men of higher ranks, and the civilization is more brilliant. However, no matter how brilliant it is, it cannot reach the height of the Three-Eyed Clan. The person cannot reach the height of the devil, so everything is in vain. It seems that only the human soul is so special, but I don’t know why.
“After all the impossibilities have been eliminated, no matter how incredible the remaining possibility is, it is the only answer.”
Pei Jiao slowly recited these words, and suddenly it flashed in his mind that Xue Na had mentioned to him the origin of human beings, was it the genes of the Zerg, or the dragon?
/“Could it be the work of the Zerg gene that mysteriously appeared, even suppressed the orthodox Three-Eyed Tribe for a period of time, and then mysteriously disappeared? Damn it, if the gene works, then it should be the time when humans still have bodies. Having strong power should not be done after humans turn into souls. If the body is gone, genes are useless, right?”
/Pei Jiao felt a little confused as to why human souls were different from other races, but he was too lazy to think about other things. All in all, human souls seemed to be stronger than other races from birth. As long as the soul is given time to grow, sooner or later it can reach an exaggerated level, even threatening “original sin”.
Such a good thing, at least for human beings, is a great good thing. In short, it can show that human beings are born with great luck, and the luck is long-lasting, but it also makes Pei Jiao feel better.
“It seems that after settling down a little, we will have to find a way to add more souls to mankind,” Pei Jiao murmured.
As long as the souls in the human body are condensed to reach the so-called legendary strong level of the aliens, then these people can enter the soul level at any time after death, but they do not need to condense the souls in the body like those of the aliens, etc. Those who have only a very small chance of achieving souls after death are because their soul obsessions are too turbid and there are sins in their bodies. Those who want to form souls after death are absolutely impossible, but those who generate souls in humans are completely different. , as long as the soul is condensed, the first step is to exclude