birth, so I am still blind after becoming a soul. Can you give me your hand? Let me feel it. The natural weapon you acquired recently.”

Pei Jiao nodded and directly handed his hand to her. After Reina held his hand, her body began to emit a faint green light. Within a few seconds, her face changed violently, but she soon calmed down. He came down and said, “It’s that natural weapon. You have been exposed to too many natural weapons in the past month. I don’t know which one you are talking about.”
Everyone around them was moved. Whether they were living people or free souls, they all knew the preciousness of natural weapons. Once they said this, it meant that Pei Jiao’s strength or power was definitely not something they could mess with. He could contact the extreme within a month. Apart from the warehouse keeper of natural weapons, the only people with a large number of natural weapons are the leaders of extremely powerful teams or the brains of a certain country’s soul organization. And looking at Pei Jiao’s appearance, he doesn’t look like a warehouse keeper. So in other words, this sentence has vaguely proved Pei Jiao’s strength or power.
Pei Jiao ignored the people around him and said quickly: “It’s a scimitar. It’s an ordinary magic-grade natural weapon. Its capacity is about 100,000 square meters.” Before he could finish speaking, Leina had already let go of his hand. .
Reina nodded and said: “Well, the aura of this scimitar has been confirmed. If you bring the suspects to me, I can naturally testify against them. But remember, they must have been exposed to this natural weapon. Find them within a month, otherwise I won’t be able to help you.”
/Pei Jiao immediately laughed and said, “In less than a month, those people are in France, so let’s go find them together. Is that okay? Can you confirm where they are?”
Reina was stunned for a moment. After a moment, she gritted her teeth and asked, “Are these people members of our French Soul Organization?”
Pei Jiao said quickly: “No, they are not members of the French Soul Organization. They are a group of mercenaries. That’s why I said they are the most suspicious. So don’t worry that I will be detrimental to the French Soul Organization. I had no intention of provoking them.” , it’s just that they are using their power to bully others, they think I’m easy to bully, so they take action only when I can’t force them.”
Reina breathed a sigh of relief and said quietly: “But who knew you had already stepped in? I can’t stop you. They just didn’t know it beforehand. I beg you to forgive their mistakes. I don’t want your promise anymore.” , I only ask you for this one thing.”
/Pei Jiao took a breath and said seriously: “Since you already know, you should know how precious my promise is, right? It is a promise that once made will never be broken. It is enough to save you at the critical moment, or Is it worth the life of your family for these scumbags?”
Reina nodded fiercely, her ordinary appearance seemed to be shining brightly, and she said: “It’s worth it,