ps organized and entered. As a result, there were at least thousands of soldiers in the entire northern and southern battlefields. Free souls, more than a dozen or even dozens of escapees, this has simply become a noisy vegetable market.

(It seems that it will be difficult to conceal the existence of the pseudo-Nutou. That’s all. Instead of being timid and hiding your strength, it’s better to let go and show your strength, and let those teams know what is real. strength.)
/Since coming to the fantasy land of the North and South battlefields, Pei Jiao has truly realized that the true strength of today’s soul world is not a fierce man like Gong Yeyu, and even Yang Xuguang and Ren Zhen are far inferior. A team of four or five escapees, With hundreds of free souls and a dozen natural weapons, can it be called a strong team? Do you dare to enter the fantasy land to surround and kill real demon-level ghosts? It’s simply unimaginable!
Pei Jiao is a person who has personally experienced the horror of the underworld and hell. He deeply knows how many terrifying ghosts there are. Even leaving aside the underworld and hell, he has seen those terrifying real demon-level ghosts in Fengdu Fantasy Land. Yes, compared to the giant skeleton encountered in the north and south battlefields, the true demon-level ghosts in Fengdu Fantasy Land are undoubtedly two or three levels stronger, not to mention the invincible existence of the demon king level.
According to the current strength of the soul world, it is impossible to deal with demon king-level ghosts. And on December 21, 2012, with such strength, under the impact of the underworld , the entire army will be annihilated. This is simply certain!
Therefore, Pei Jiao not only wants to reach the threshold of true demon level strength as soon as possible, but also hopes that the strength of the human soul world can also be qualitatively improved. He does not seek to be able to overcome the horror of hell, but only wants to be able to endure the horror. Just to protect our own position.
So, before he entered the North-South battlefield, he was still worried about exposing all his strength, but after seeing the strength of the team blocking the door and recruiting people, this worry was completely dissipated. , there was only a strong sense of worry, and the rest was a determination to wake these teams up.
“Yang Dingtian, let’s go directly to the middle area between the north and south battlefields. There are many large-scale ordinary ghosts there, as well as many demon-level ghosts and even true demon-level ghosts. Although with your current strength, It’s not a good thing to come into contact with the true demon level too early, but we don’t have much time, so this time when we come to the North and South battlefields, the biggest task is to familiarize you with the true demon level ghosts and let’s kill them there!” Pei Jiao said while He was thinking about it while running. After thinking for a long time, he said seriously to Yang Dingtian.
/Yang Dingtian nodded silently and sa