e are those that are particularly glamorous, and there are those that emphasize sexiness without being too explicit. In my country, there are pole dancing championships and the like.

Including internationally.
There are also very formal pole dancing competitions. This has shown that serious pole dancing is also an art. Excellent pole dancers are worthy of everyone’s appreciation.
Especially the countries on earth after liberalization.
Pole dancing has become an emerging dance craze.
There is no obscene content, and the dancers’ movements are graceful, charming, and full of femininity.
Female stars including Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Joey Yung and Karen Mok are all admirers of pole dancing.
There are even many sports organizations that are beginning to pursue pole dancing.
/How this kind of dance will develop in Blue Star is not something Lin Yuan should consider.
In the final analysis, I chose pole dancing because it was suitable.
The song fits.
The singer is suitable.
The singer’s dance style is also appropriate.
You must know that Chen Yiben is a sexy singer. After all, she is from a girl group.
The other party also has a nickname called “Little Fox”.
This nickname is not to belittle her, but to describe Chen Yi’s singing and dancing style, which is as sexy and charming as a fox.
Such people have made good use of it.
On the stage of “Our Song”, you will become a surprise force!
That afternoon.
Lin Yuan came to the recording site again.
Chen Yi appeared.
This woman’s figure is extremely hot.
Coming from a girl group, her looks are no worse than those actors who rely on their faces to make a living.
However, in front of Lin Yuan, Chen Yi behaved like a primary school student, because when Lin Yuan was training these singers at the Blue Music Club, Chen Yi’s singing performance was not that strong.
It means that he is often scolded by Xianyu in all kinds of ways.
Of course, even if Lin Yuan curses, he won’t use any curse words.
But who told him to start the mode of disowning his relatives as soon as he uses the teacher’s halo?
Singers who have taken Xianyu’s training classes will feel a little apprehensive when they see him.
Same goes for Chen Yi.
However, Chen Yi also has his own little Jiujiu. When he saw Teacher Xianyu’s guilty conscience, he couldn’t help but feel a little hopeful:
“Teacher Xianyu, do you want to dance with me?”
A coward is a coward.
Afraid of returning.
Being able to dance with Teacher Xianyu, hug each other, and being called a dog is worth it!
“I won’t dance at the end of the game.”
Although men can also pole dance, and Lin Yuan has no prejudice against it, only Chen Yi can dance this song and dance alone.
Chen Yi was a little disappointed.
God knows how many people were extremely jealous of Zhao Yingke after the last game and wished they could replace him.
After the last episode aired.
In the scene where Zhao Yingchrome and Xianyu dance, there are even harmonious barrages such as “Zhao Yingchrome, let go of that man” and “Let me do it”.
“Let’s start p