So, follow me, we will find human civilization, and then use civilization to wipe out these barbaric creatures! Don’t you want to take revenge with your own hands? Don’t you want to Throw a mushroom cloud over their heads? Now I will listen to your answer!”

“Would you like to leave this mountainous area and these deserts with me to find human civilization together?!”
At the end of the sentence, Pei Jiao roared completely, and the people around him were already filled with tears. Just for the civilization that mankind was once proud of, they roared loudly, almost without their throats.
There are truths and lies in Pei Jiao’s words. First, human civilization is indeed very advanced. Of course, it cannot be compared with perverted civilizations like the Three-Eyed Tribe, but compared with these so-called ancient tribes, it surpasses them by thousands or tens of thousands of years. Not an exaggeration! This does not include the knowledge systems mastered by the world government. In terms of the scientific and technological civilization of human society, once humans regain these civilizations and use these civilizations to rearm themselves, then humans will be nothing to those hundreds of races. An invincible goal!
Modern thermal weapons are so powerful that they can wipe out hundreds of tribes in just one year. This is no exaggeration.
But there are things that Pei Jiao didn’t say. For example, the holy spirits of hundreds of tribes are souls like him. Regardless of their strength, these souls at least need the technology of the world government to be able to fight against the thermal weapons of ordinary human society. It is impossible to destroy them, and there are powerful people with a higher Demon King rank than the Holy Spirit. Such powerful people may not even be able to be killed by the World Government.
However, it was useless to say these things. Instead, it made the people who finally had the courage fall into despair, so Pei Jiao did not say it out, and he also had the confidence to deal with those alien souls because he had promised Gong Yeyu! He wants to protect this land and his people!
Pei Jiao is really very lucky. What he said is not false at all, because he has only been asleep for more than a year, and it has only been two years since human beings lost civilization. Although in these two years, 100% of human beings have died. The total amount is ninety-nine, but at least one thing is that human beings have not lost their courage and dignity!
This kind of thing is actually easy to understand. After all, these humans are people who have experienced modern social civilization. They know what human civilization is. If those who enslave them and harm them are super-civilized aliens like the Three-Eyed Tribe, then Maybe they will be truly desperate, but it’s different now. Those who hurt them are all aliens who use their bodies and physical strength to hurt them. In their eyes, the civilization and weapons of these aliens are just like sticks used by monkeys. , as long as humans regain t