ng’s new book instantly started the promotion mode.

at this time.
/Readers have not yet fully recovered from the shock of Poirot’s death, and discussions on this matter are still going on one after another. As a result, everyone suddenly saw the news that “Detective Sherlock Holmes” was about to be published, and their blood suddenly surged. heart
new book?
Great detective?
Sherlock Holmes?
We are still here to pay tribute to Poirot, but you are already eager to write the new book. Have you considered how devastated we readers are?
Everyone is angry!
Although Chu Kuang had previewed the new book before, fans of the Poirot series still couldn’t help but take advantage of it. Facts have proved that time cannot heal everyone’s anger. Even if everyone understands that Chu Kuang finally wrote Poirot to death, many people still don’t understand. Many people were willing to accept Holmes as Poirot’s replacement. Many people even went to Chu Kuang’s tribe comment area to protest on the spot, which was exactly the same as Chu Kuang’s reaction after he released the trailer for his new book:
“Resist firmly!”
“Sure enough, I still underestimated the integrity of the old thief. I thought he would be sad about Poirot’s death. But it turned out that the old thief launched a new detective so quickly, the murderer of Poirot!”
/“Won’t buy this book!”
“I said it when Poirot died. No matter what happens, I will never watch Sherlock Holmes. There is only one great detective in my heart, and it is different from Chu Kuang, a scumbag who is obsessed with new ideas!”
“Holmes go away!”
“We are at odds with the old thief Chu Kuang. We don’t want Sherlock Holmes. We only want Poirot. Not everyone can become a great detective!”
Readers’ affection for Poirot cannot be underestimated. The influence of this character has surpassed that of virtual characters. On March 3, the plot of Poirot’s death was released, and some heavyweight media even published Poirot’s obituary. Which virtual character has this This treatment?
Just like Kaneki worried.
With the release of “Sherlock Holmes” about to be released, the wave of boycotts of Sherlock Holmes has reappeared, making people in the industry dumbfounded and lamenting that Chu Kuang really screwed up this time.
“What’s Chu Kuang doing now?”
“The wave of readers’ anti-Sherlock Holmes wave is too exaggerated. Chu Kuang’s new book will surely fail to sell. It’s really hard to imagine that a best-selling author of his level would have trouble selling his novels.”
“How to choose a bookstore?”
“The bookstore must still be buying the goods. Even though the readers who boycott Sherlock Holmes are so vocal, it’s actually just survivor bias. Many silent readers are still willing to support Chu Kuang’s new book. However, the proportion of these readers can only be determined. It’s hard to say, maybe this will indeed affect the sales of Chu Kuang’s new book to a great extent.”
at the same time.
The major booksellers were also a little dumbfounded. Logically speaking, Chu Kuang