ey won’t have any scruples about you. “Leda said with a smile.

Hearing these words, Hel was completely speechless.
After returning from Leda’s house, Hull drove the horse back to the stable, but he was not in a hurry to unload those things because there was a pair of eyes outside that were watching him closely at all times.
Hull pretended to feed the hunting dogs and took the opportunity to take out the oil paper bag from the gap in the plywood. Throughout the afternoon, he hid in his bedroom studying the drawing and found that the location of his house was not marked on it.
However, Hull had learned a lot from Old Man Moon after all. How to read a map and determine his position was the most basic skill for a hunter.
As long as you place a silver coin on the guessed position first, it will be very clear what to do next. Hull drew a vertical line from the silver coin to the nearest mine, and then used a protractor to measure the angle between this line and due south.
Hull took the newspaper and folded it along the angle. Then he took the newspaper and hid a compass inside, and stood at the entrance of the tunnel he had determined in advance.
As for the location of the entrance, Hull had already thought about it. There was no safer place than this row of kennels, so he chose to be under the kennel closest to the corner.
Hull pretended to tease the hunting dogs, and quietly moved the kennel in the corner, pointing one side of the angle in the newspaper towards the south, and the other side was the direction of digging. He quickly used three small stones to Marks were made on the ground.
/In the evening, Hull rode his horse again and wandered around the neighborhood pretending to be walking a dog. In fact, he was observing the closed mine entrances, especially the mine closest to the house. Hurley repeatedly measured the distance from the mine entrance to his house with the pace of his horse.
He is also paying attention to the surroundings of the house. After all, the excavated soil must have a place to pile it up, and it must not be thrown around randomly, because the lifeless soil will tell a lot of information to those who are interested.
Moon once told him that a good hunter must first know how to identify the soil. Hull did not think that only hunters knew this skill.
He picked a few spots where he would throw dirt and remembered their locations. There is also the surrounding terrain. The work of throwing soil can only be carried out in the dark night. If you want to move quickly in the dark, you must know the terrain well.
After making all preparations, Hull waited for the arrival of late night. As usual, when the little maid came to prepare dinner for him, he also had a good time teasing with her, and everything was just like usual.
At seven o’clock in the evening, the little maid was busy setting the table, while Hull leisurely enjoyed the service of this beautiful sixteen-year-old girl. Although her cooking method was only simple farmhouse style, the taste was very good.
Dinner ended at eight o’clo