Pei Jiao only had time to roll to the side, but then there was a soul-breaking pain in his left shoulder. His entire left shoulder had been severed by the flame saber!

“Until they came, people like you seemed to be very different from us. They gave me memory and consciousness. From then on, I found that I could think and recall, and I could recall the memories of the past.”
The red demon suddenly roared angrily. There was no sharp sound of a bat in the voice, but the roar of a majestic man in his forties or fifties. And in this roar, the weapon in its hand The flame whip flew again, and another wall of flames burned straight through, suddenly covering Pei Jiao.
/“The comrades who laughed with each other, the subordinates who lived and died together, and Mr. Lincoln who had a deep talk with me, the man who decided to free the slaves, and Mi Sha, holding little Jack, standing at the door The smile waiting for me in the garden, the tears worried about my departure, and the voice of little Jack calling daddy.”
The red demon roared loudly, and the flame saber and flame whip in its hands seemed to feel its excitement, and they also burned violently. The red demon raised the flame saber and rushed into the wall of fire, with a fierce slash. Just chop it down.
/“That’s not you! You’re dead! You’re just a collection of thoughts from all sentient beings! This is not the time of the Civil War, that was more than a hundred years ago! You are not the Union commander George McClellan !”
Pei Jiao’s voice also rang in the wall of fire. Facing the red devil’s flame saber was the heroic gun blade that was flashing with thunder and lightning in his hand, and the energy bullet was about to be fired!
“You’re just an illusion, you’re just a ghost!”
As Pei Jiao roared loudly, the energy beam of the heroic gun blade was fiercely launched, pushing out against the flame saber that was about to hit him. In the fierce light, he didn’t know how far the red demon was pushed out. , even the wall of fire that enveloped Pei Jiao was washed away by the shock wave of the laser beam. But after the laser beam was fired, Pei Jiao didn’t even have a little bit of strength, and could only fall down. On the ground, he was not only suffering from the pain of tearing his soul, but also the pain of the oscillation of obsession. Except that his eyes could still see, he couldn’t even move at all.
Pei Jiao just stared at the explosion that exploded far away, and could only pray in his heart to kill this red demon.
But all this could only be an extravagant hope. The red devil’s aura field had not been exhausted, and the heroic gun blades bombarding its body could not disperse it. Sure enough, in the fluctuation of fire, the huge figure of the red devil slowly emerged from inside. He slowly walked out, still holding a saber in one hand and a long whip in the other. His huge body exuded endless majesty.
“If I’m just an illusion, if I’m just a ghost, then where did everything in my memory come from!?”
The red demon did not fly, but walked towards Pei Jiao