Judging from the speed of hero selection alone, Lin Yuan is a top player no matter what!

It’s not any particular reason.
It’s nothing more than yesterday to today, Yugi was beaten to his knees ten times in a row, and was pinned to the ground and rubbed by the opponent in various ways.
at the same time.
This tower pushing game called “Heroic Soul” was completely blacklisted by Lin Yuan.
Not fun at all.
Although it is a tower-pushing game like “League of Legends” on Earth, many game designs are too complex.
“You can’t be too salty as a human being!”
Lin Yuan encouraged himself and decided to work hard and stop playing with things.
At this time.
Sun Yaohuo unexpectedly appeared again.
But those who appeared with Sun Yaohuo were a few young people who looked very cautious.
As soon as he entered the door, Sun Yaohuo was all smiles:
“Look what I brought you?”
Lin Yuan was startled and looked at the young people behind Sun Yaohuo:
“Can Blue Star still traffic humans?”
Several young people behind Sun Yaohuo were stunned when they heard this.
Sun Yaohuo laughed and said: “Junior is so funny. Of course it’s not human trafficking. These guys are all professional game designers. Didn’t you say yesterday that the game you wanted to play was not available in Blue Star? I just wanted to find some. I’ll come over personally and design a game specifically for you. Just tell them what type of game you want to play and tell them your requirements. I’ll pay for the design fee. I happen to be planning to enter the game industry recently. I believe that the games designed by my juniors will definitely make a lot of money. Earn, and I will share the dividends with my juniors when the time comes.”
“Designing a game?”
Lin Yuan blinked.
Senior Yaohuo is more obsessed with playing with things than I am!
In order to play the game, I even found someone to design it!
But will this allow me to play “Plants vs. Zombies” on Blue Star?
This was a big temptation for Lin Yuan.
“Hello, Teacher Xianyu”
Several young people were cautious and a little excited at the same time. The young man in charge introduced himself:
“My name is Pei Qian!”
Lin Yuan frowned, Pei Qian? Lose money?
This is an unlucky name.
Of course Pei Qian didn’t know what Lin Yuan was thinking.
He is the owner of a game design studio. He has a dream and opened a studio a few years after graduation, intending to make a career in the game industry!
As a result, before his career took off, he met Sun Yaohuo.
Pei Qian knew that Sun Yaohuo was a singer, and he had listened to Sun Yaohuo’s songs.
Yesterday, Sun Yaohuo suddenly appeared and directly said that he wanted to buy Pei Qian’s studio and let Pei Qian work as his employee.
/Pei Qian refused on the spot!
He is a game designer with a dream, how could he sell his studio and work for someone else?
But in the end Pei Qian agreed to the acquisition.
Sun Yaohuo gave too much.
/It’s hard for Pei Qian to imagine that a singer can be so wealthy!
The check was thrown away as if